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National Children’s Book Week

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Reading is a vital aspect of every child’s life. Whether you are reading with your child or whether your child is old enough to read alone, reading is an important part of each and every day. It is never too early to start reading, and many studies have shown that even reading to a newborn is important. The older your child …

Red Cat Reading Your Child Should Learn More at Home

Why it’s So Important for Your Child to Learn More at Home

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Today, online learning is considered vital to many professions and it has increased exponentially over the past few years. It’s a good idea to help children get used to learning online to help their school studies as well as their future careers. They’ll also learn some extra skills: Independent problem-solving skills Research skills Time-management skills   Children who learn from home …

Red Cat Reading math education month

April is… Mathematics Education Month!

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While April often ushers in warmer weather, spring-time rain, and Easter, April is also known for being Mathematics Education Month. Math is so very important in our day to day lives. Without it, so much of what we do would be impossible. From simple addition and subtraction to formulas used to calculate the speed of light, math is something that …

Red Cat Reading International Children's Book Day

How to Celebrate International Children’s Book Day!

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International Children’s Book Day is celebrated each year on April 2nd. It is organized by the International Board on Books for Young People that was founded in the early 1950’s in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s the perfect time to remind children and parents to take time to read, celebrate literacy, and discover children’s books that are not well known. The reason that …

Red Cat Reading April Fool's Day tips and tricks kids games surprise fun

April Fool’s Day: Tricks to Try With Your Kids!

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April Fool’s Day is celebrated by many on April 1st each year, but it’s not a national holiday. Though its origins date back to the 1500’s, the games, tricks and jokes have continued to this day. April Fool’s Day brings smiles to children and adults alike, most of the time. As a parent, there is nothing I like more than hearing …

Red Cat Reading – Earth Day

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day 2018!

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Earth Day began in 1970 as an effort to bring attention to protecting the environment. It’s celebrated worldwide every year on April 22nd. Teaching children about protecting the environment is very important. If we do not take care of our planet, our children won’t have its beauty to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Even though care the environment seems …

Red Cat Reading Children's Craft Day 2017 blog post

National Children’s Craft Day – Red Cat Reading

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Creativity is something that must be nurtured and there is no better way to do that than to allow children the time, space, and materials to freely express themselves. National Children’s Craft Day is on March 14th this year. It is a special day that is often forgotten by many and yet it is so important. If you don’t already …

Red Cat Reading St Patrick's Day blog header

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day with Kids – Red Cat Reading

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St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday dating back to the early 1600’s. This holiday is held in honor of Patron Saint Patrick, who was known for bringing Christianity to Ireland. This festival-like celebration is held on March 17th, which is the day of Saint Patrick’s death. It involves dancing, parades, and eating lots of delicious food! Slowly the popularity …

Dr. Seuss's Birthday - Red Cat Reading

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

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Dr. Seuss has always been known as writing legend. Since he has created so many beautifully written and fun stories, he has entertained children and adults for years! Dr. Seuss’s birthday is celebrated in schools, libraries, and communities across the world, and with good reason! There are many different ways to celebrate the birthday of this spectacular author who has touched …

Red Cat Reading Fairy Tales

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

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Fairy tales are important parts of childhood. They allow you to forget the real world and get lost inside a story. They are perfect for allowing the imagination to run wild – creating beautiful forests, enormous snow covered mountains, and worlds full of magical creatures that can set the stage for all kinds of adventures. Fairy tales are loaded up …

Celebrate World Book Day - Red Cat Reading

Celebrate World Book Day with Red Cat Reading

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Reading is a fundamental part of childhood, and remains important throughout their lifetime. To celebrate the books, authors, and illustrators that bring us these tools that spark imagination, we have World Book Day! This day is celebrated around the world, with different events held at schools, libraries, bookstores, and communities. World Book Day was designated by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, …

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day with Your Kids

Celebrate Read Aloud Day with Creative Activities

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Words are the key to so many parts of our day-to-day lives. From signs along the road to books, menus and social media. A life without the use of words would be very difficult. Sadly, there are many in our world that do not have the luxury of understanding the written word. Read Aloud Day is a day when we …

Red Cat Reading Random Acts of Kindness Week. Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

Random Acts of Kindness Week

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The week of February 12th to 18th is Random Acts of Kindness Week! When we’re raising our children, we always know one thing for certain. We want them to grow up to be kind, giving individuals who don’t need to think twice about going out of their way to help someone, give to someone in need, or brighten up a day with …

Read to Your Child Day by Red Cat Reading. Reading to Your Child

Read to Your Child Day

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While most people associate February 14th with Valentine’s Day, it is also another important day – Read to Your Child Day! Reading to your child is one of the most rewarding experiences that the two of you can share together. What better way to celebrate this educational holiday than to pick up a few books and sit down together to read? Pick …

Red Cat Reading Help Your Kids Learn to Read Fast – Free Download Center

You Helped Us Reach 1 Million Downloads! + New Free Download Center

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Hello parents! Over 1,000,059 Red Cat Reading Books have been downloaded on iTunes. That’s a lot of kids reading and a lot of proud parents! Thank you for your support. “Reading is the #1 key to your child’s success. Once your child is reading faster, they’ll be learning just about everything faster!” So, what does that mean for you & your …

Red Cat Reading – New Year Reading Resolutions

New Year Reading Resolutions

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Reading resolutions are a fun and purposeful way to start the year and keep your child motivated. Why not think of some fun reading goals your child will be able to stick to? That way they’ll gain confidence and enjoy reading more and more! Brainstorm some goals together – you can start first to get the ball rolling. Write or print out …

Red Cat Reading – Reading Level Assessment

How My Child Almost Got Left Behind in Class!

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Learning to read opens doors up to books, the Internet, and a world filled with information your child needs to succeed at school and life. How does a reading assessment play a vital role in your child’s education? Read on to find out… Why Proper Reading Level Assessment is So Critical to Your Child Learning How to Read: Assessments Help Teachers …

Red Cat Reading: New Year's Eve Activities for kids

New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids and Families

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Christmas came and went and now you need New Year’s Eve party ideas! New Year’s Eve with children can be a lot of fun! For my family, it is the one day every year that we let our children stay up way past their bedtime. I hope that you will use these ideas and learning activities below to start your …