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We wanted our kids to get a head start with reading so they’d do better at every subject in school. 

We designed our digital phonics program so kids will love learning letter sounds with our fun stories & videos. They’ll be reading full books by age 5 with our proven phonics system!

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What Makes Our Phonics Program Special?

With over 1 million books downloaded, we’ve helped thousands of kids learn to read more effectively!

Every child needs phonics for reading so make sure your child can learn the sounds with the best phonics program available!

The Most Phonics Sounds

We teach more phonics sounds than any other phonics programs – 57+ sounds and more coming soon! Kids will have so much fun learning vowel sounds and consonant sounds with our funny videos and digital books!

Fun Characters & Stories + Digital Devices

Your child will have FUN with interactive books, videos and songs! Each book comes with a video and song, so your child can reinforce knowledge. Access on any device, anytime!

Focus on Early-Learning

Each book starts with Dolch words, the most common words in early-learning stories. These practical words will accelerate understanding of familiar childhood stories and help kids spell words more easily.

How to Teach Phonics

Phonics Instruction:

  1. Your child needs to start learning the ABC’s before they move onto phonics. Practice here with our Learn ABC phonics page!
  2. Make sure your child takes our Reading Level Assessment Test to see which level to start with.
  3. Start learning phonics with our videos, books, quizzes and songs. See below for more about our 4 Steps to Phonics Methodology
  4. Play some learning to read games every week, so your child has fun while learning.
  5. Practice every sound until your child is confident with them all. Then it’s time to move onto our leveled reading series for even more reading practice!

Bonus Phonics Resources:

Check out our Download Center and Blog for more teaching phonics resources and reading activities! These will help your child with both reading and spelling. They’ll learn how to write and read with phonics.

  1. Phonics Songs
  2. Phonics Worksheets
  3. Phonics Activities

Later we’ll also start creating phonics lesson plans, phonics games for kids and more! Let us know what you’d like to see here: info@redcatreading.com

Our Methodology

The Four Steps to Phonics

Your child will learn to read FAST with our 4-step method.
You already know that phonics is a proven method that brings letters and sounds together.
With our primary phonics program, your child will learn ALL of the phonic words in the English language in 4 simple steps.

Watch phonics videos to hear the sounds and see the letters!

Read the Free eBook to review the words and sounds!

Speak out loud with the fast and easy practice pages!

Sing-along with catchy songs and master all the phonic sounds!

Step 1. Watch

Our phonics sounds videos are so captivating that kids will have them on repeat for hours!

All our 57+ phonics sounds have fun videos to teach the phonics rules, sounds in words and short words.

Red Cat Reading Kids vs Phonics 'a' Sound

Step 2. Read

Do you want your child to reach reading fluency faster? Then make sure they spend a few minutes reading each of our interactive books!

Kids take control of their learning: they can replay the audio and repeat the sounds as many times as they need to.

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Step 3. Practice

At the end of every book, kids will have a chance to practice the sounds they’ve just learnt e.g. short vowels, long vowels and many more.

They’ll be able to use the bold illustrations to help them remember the sounds.

Step 4. Sing-Along

Our phonics song videos are the perfect reward for completing the previous activities. 

Kids love our kindergarten phonics songs, and they’ll get stuck in your head too!

Red Cat Reading Kids vs Phonics 'a' Song

Phonics Pathways

Where should your child start on their phonics-learning journey?

Kids should generally start learning by their age group.

Age 3-5 Years (kindergarten)

Age 5-6 Years (first grade)

Recommended Phonics Reading Books

Download our most popular learn to read books, FREE!

Kids will learn how to say every sound in the English alphabet with our funny stories.
They’ll learn more alphabet phonics than with any other phonics programs!

Our Most Popular Phonics Videos

Check out our phonics for preschool videos!

Red Cat Reading Kids vs Phonics 'ea' Song
Red Cat Reading Kids vs Phonics 'sh' Sound
Red Cat Reading Kids vs Phonics 'ue' Sound

See them all on Youtube!

Phonics Worksheets

Our free phonics worksheets help kids trace the phonic sound letters and words. They’ll also have fun coloring the pictures!

Get your kindergarten phonics worksheets and first grade phonics worksheets below…

3-5 Years (Kindergarten)

5-6 Years (First Grade)


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I downloaded this to read with my 4 year old. We had a lot of fun and he was super excited while going through it. Will download the other Kids vs Phonics books now to read to him next.Emadrak
I have a 1 year old nephew. He is talking (mostly makes sounds). I watched the video on the letter x and it definitely emphasized the sound of the letter x. I intend on downloading more free books.RashaYu
Best set of children books ever!!! They are good for kids of all ages, and fun for the parent as well, thanks so much.Dewy

Phonics App

Our phonics for kids app includes our entire catalogue of phonics books, videos and songs PLUS quizzes so you can track your child’s progress!

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