How to Teach Phonics to First-Graders At Home

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Children who are in first grade or going to first grade during the new school year tend to have already learned some phonics in kindergarten and preschool. For these children, the building blocks for phonics and basic reading skills might already be in place. When planning to teach phonics to first graders, remember it’s important to continue polishing and expanding …

10 Ways to Ring in the New Year

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Happy new year from all of us at Red Cat Reading! This past year was a bit rocky for many of us, but with the new year comes new opportunities. We’re here to help share our top 10 best ways to enjoy the start of the new year as we look back on the previous year. With our tips, we …

Creative Writing for Kids

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Creative writing is a fun and interesting way to express yourself with stories! Some kids have a very active imagination and can easily get writing, but others might need some inspiration to kick-start their story. Red Cat Reading is here to provide you with the best advice on how to get some ideas flowing! 1. Start Small Not all stories …

Fall Family Activities

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When the weather gets cool and the leaves begin to change color, you’ll know that Fall is here! There are countless wonderful ways to enjoy this season and we here at Red Cat Reading are happy to help show you how! Both indoor and outdoor, you’ll never be bored this season. 1. Build a Scarecrow Scarecrows aren’t just for keeping …

How to Have Your Best Halloween at Home

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Halloween is a special time of year when we can enjoy all things spooky, magical, and mysterious! This year, some of the most popular Halloween activities like trick or treating might have to wait, but there are many things we can do to celebrate! Halloween comes only once a year, so let’s celebrate safely, while still 1. Get Spooky To …

Online Teaching Tips for Teachers

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In recent times, we’ve all had to make some pretty dramatic changes in our daily lives. Teachers have had no choice but to adapt the way they teach, and students have been introduced to a very new style of learning. The changes that have been made to how we teach and learn have been quite the challenge for many! Everything …

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2 Reasons Why Parental Responsibility is So Critical to a Child’s Education

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Teachers Should Not Be the Only Ones Responsible for a Child’s Education Young children rely heavily upon their parents for emotional, physical, and financial support. But when it comes to support in school, parental responsibility is often ceded to teachers.  Early child education requires role models, educators and people of authority to help teach children and establish a productive learning environment. …

Red Cat Reading International Children's Book Day

How to Celebrate International Children’s Book Day!

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International Children’s Book Day is celebrated each year on April 2nd. It is organized by the International Board on Books for Young People that was founded in the early 1950’s in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s the perfect time to remind children and parents to take time to read, celebrate literacy, and discover children’s books that are not well known. The reason that …

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day with Your Kids

Celebrate Read Aloud Day with Creative Activities

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Words are the key to so many parts of our day-to-day lives. From signs along the road to books, menus and social media. A life without the use of words would be very difficult. Sadly, there are many in our world that do not have the luxury of understanding the written word. Read Aloud Day is a day when we …

Red Cat Reading – New Year Reading Resolutions

New Year Reading Resolutions

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Reading resolutions are a fun and purposeful way to start the year and keep your child motivated. Why not think of some fun reading goals your child will be able to stick to? That way they’ll gain confidence and enjoy reading more and more! Brainstorm some goals together – you can start first to get the ball rolling. Write or print out …