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For Ages 5-6

For Kids Who Are Ready To Read Books, Grow Their Intelligence & Get Ahead in School & Life!

Ready to listen to your child read to you with confidence? Kids vs Life is the place to start.

Your kids will learn about life and the world around them.
Kids vs Life was designed to introduce mature concepts, places and things to young children using funny and interesting stories.

Topics cover:

  • Explaining the Water Cycle & Rain
  • All About the Solar System & Planets
  • How to Not Be Afraid of the Dark
  • How to Look After Teeth
  • … And Much More!

Unlock 15+ Childrens Books & 9 Videos Instantly with Kids Vs Life!

  • 20+ Pages Per Storybook
  • Bonus Songs & Videos Included To Help Teach
  • Over 679,249 Book Downloads
  • Books Accessible On Any Device – Computer, iPhone, iPad, Android

Kids Vs Life began with a rather complex question from a curious kid: Where does rain come from?

On the surface, it seems like a simple question. The words are simple. For an adult mind, the water cycle concept is simple.
But when I tried to explain the concept to my 4-year-old, I was met with the dreaded barrage of “why?”

We created childrens story books to help parents answer questions in a fun and engaging way.

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