How to Teach Phonics For All Levels: Lesson Plan for Teachers

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How can you create an inspiring and engaging lesson that your students will love? With the help of Red Cat Reading’s FREE lesson plans, of course! No need to stress about preparing endlessly for a lesson, collecting resources, or coming up with something creative on the spot! Red Cat Reading has all of the resources you need to teach phonics …

Most Difficult Phonics Sounds for Native English Speakers

8 Most Difficult Phonics Sounds for Native English Speakers

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Learning new phonic sounds can be a challenging and time-consuming process. It’s especially difficult when you come across some particularly tricky sounds. Some even look exactly the same! How can you help your child learn and master some of the most difficult phonic sounds? Check out this video that makes learning interactive, musical, and fun! 1. 8 Most Difficult Phonic …