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30 Minute Reading Compilation for Young Kids!

Do your kids love watching our learn-to-read videos? Just put this compilation video on and they’ll be reading and having fun for 30 minutes+!

In this leveled reading video, kids will learn about food, actions, animals, nature and more…

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Red Cat Reading: 30 Minute Leveled Reading Compilation

Sight Words Flashcards

Easily help kids learn all the necessary kindergarten Sight Words with these fun printable flashcards!

Print them out in color or black and white, and kids can colour in the outline images for even more Sight Words practice!

Once your child has mastered these Sight Words, help them to make short sentences out of each word. Bonus points for combining multiple Sight Words in one sentence!

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Red Cat Reading Kids vs Phonics Level 8 ou Sound

Learn About the United States Flag

Your kids may or may not live in the United States, but either way the US flag has a very interesting history! Learn all about it in this short read-along video for curious kids.

What is your child’s favorite flag?

Learn to read and learn about the world with Red Cat Reading videos and eBooks!

Red Cat Reading Read Along Video: The United States Flag

ABC Worksheet for Very Young Kids

Is your child just starting to learn their ABC’s? They’ll be even more motivated to learn with our fun, coloring-in ABC worksheet!

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Kitty Catties take France Kids vs Life storybooks Red Cat Reading

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