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The CH Sound is one of our favorite sounds! We’ve created so much fun CH content for your child to learn with, whether they love videos, songs, dancing or ebooks.
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CH eBook

Your kids will love swiping through the pages and listening to the read aloud audio. They’ll have fun learning about the CH sound and following the story of the children, the chicks and the chit-chatting.

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CH phonics video

Our CH Phonics Sound Video follows the same story as the eBook, but with more fun animations and songs!

CH song video

Our CH Song Video follows a different story – the Chit Chat Chickens having a crazy barn party and waking up the farmer! Your kids will be so excited to sing along to this song.

CH fast song video

Speed things up a bit with the faster version of our CH song! Can you keep up!?

CH Dance Video with Meg!>

Do your kids love dance-along videos? They’ll learn all the fun actions to the CH song with Meg!

CH Classroom Dance Video with 30+ Kids!

We collaborated with Mike’s Home, an ESL teacher in China, to create a Chit Chat Chicken dance video which has over 10,000 views on his channel! It’s so cute, check it out below:


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