Red Cat Reading – teach phonics to pre-kindergartners

How to Teach Phonics to Pre-Kindergartners — for Parents

Red Cat Reading Team Phonics

As a parent, it’s always important to begin thinking about when you would like to teach your children to read. Some children who are already in pre-kindergarten programs or Head Start programs might already be starting to learn basics. For parents and guardians who don’t send their children to pre-kindergarten programs or who do not have access to such programs, …

Red Cat Reading – Teaching Phonics to Kindergartners

How to Teach Phonics to Kindergartners — for Parents

Red Cat Reading Team Phonics

While teaching young children in kindergarten phonics and the basics of any language isn’t the easiest task in the world, it certainly is one of the most rewarding. By helping children learn to read and embrace the spoken and written word, you are giving them a lifelong gift – the gift of a love of reading. Once children begin to grasp the concepts and …