How to Teach Phonics to First-Graders At Home

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Children who are in first grade or going to first grade during the new school year tend to have already learned some phonics in kindergarten and preschool. For these children, the building blocks for phonics and basic reading skills might already be in place. When planning to teach phonics to first graders, remember it’s important to continue polishing and expanding …

Online Teaching Tips for Teachers

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In recent times, we’ve all had to make some pretty dramatic changes in our daily lives. Teachers have had no choice but to adapt the way they teach, and students have been introduced to a very new style of learning. The changes that have been made to how we teach and learn have been quite the challenge for many! Everything …

Dr. Seuss's Birthday - Red Cat Reading

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

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Dr. Seuss has always been known as writing legend. Since he has created so many beautifully written and fun stories, he has entertained children and adults for years! Dr. Seuss’s birthday is celebrated in schools, libraries, and communities across the world, and with good reason! There are many different ways to celebrate the birthday of this spectacular author who has touched …

Celebrate World Book Day - Red Cat Reading

Celebrate World Book Day with Red Cat Reading

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Reading is a fundamental part of childhood, and remains important throughout their lifetime. To celebrate the books, authors, and illustrators that bring us these tools that spark imagination, we have World Book Day! This day is celebrated around the world, with different events held at schools, libraries, bookstores, and communities. World Book Day was designated by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, …

Read to Your Child Day by Red Cat Reading. Reading to Your Child

Read to Your Child Day

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While most people associate February 14th with Valentine’s Day, it is also another important day – Read to Your Child Day! Reading to your child is one of the most rewarding experiences that the two of you can share together. What better way to celebrate this educational holiday than to pick up a few books and sit down together to read? Pick …