Leveled Reading

Leveled Reading Will Give Kids More Confidence!

Kids will reach reading fluency by reading books at just the right level for them!
Our Guided Reading Program has easy 1-word-a-page books for kindergarten students, all the way up to complex paragraph books for 2nd and 3rd graders. Red Cat Reading will improve students reading fast!

  • Books start from pre-K through to Grade 3
  • Kids will have fun learning about the world around them
  • Colorful, picture-filled books with read along audio
  • Choose books according to your child’s leveled reading book band at school
  • Perfect Reading Program for Parents and Teachers!
  • 7 levels of non-fiction leveled readers (70+ books) with more coming soon!
  • Get FREE Books, Videos & Audio Every Month!

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Next Step After Phonics

After phonics, kids will start reading our kindergarten level books. They’ll learn new words and sentences they can use every day, and soon kids will level-up to more complex books!

Guided Reading Program

We’ll guide children through our 7 levels of exciting books, so they’re always reading at exactly the right level for them. They can take quizzes to test their progress, and even collect badges!

Learn About the World

Kids will read about science, nature, maths, art, travel and more. While kids are learning to read, they’ll learn so much about the world around them with leveled readers!

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The more kids read, the better they’ll do in school and in life. 

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Kids Will Learn All By Themselves

What is Guided Reading?
Kids will learn to read all by themselves with our amazing Guided Reading books. We take them by the hand and give them the confidence and tools they need to learn independently! Read more here.

What’s the best way to teach kids to read?
Independent learning skills are one of the most valuable skills a child should have for the future. If you encourage curiosity in children now, they will really thrive later on in life.

Our book topics are fun and interesting and are written with young readers in mind. We have books about dinosaurs, food, sports, animals, the environment and hundreds more!

How do you help with reading instruction?
As modern parents and teachers, we know that time is very valuable to you. So we’ve developed a system that will teach kids to read with almost no help!

How does it work? 
Our leveled readers are all written by accomplished children’s book writers; Kira Freed and Katherine Follett. Every reading level contains exactly the right vocab and grammar for your child to read: not too easy and not too hard. This way, children will gain confidence as they move up the levels, step by step.

Our low level books start with just two or three words per page. Kids will work their way up to more and more complex books. With every book, kids will learn vocab plus improve comprehension and their ability to communicate!

What About Reading Comprehension? 
Every book comes with interactive audio so kids can listen and repeat the sentences until they understand and have the pronunciation right. The bold illustrations and photos help with reading comprehension.

Guided Reading Levels

Read some of our leveled reading passages and take our reading level assessment test here.

Want to know more about our different book levels? Check out our Guided Reading Level Chart below!

Our level reading books and videos are perfect for ages 3-8. Children will learn to read and get better at reading with our exclusive learning materials.

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Sample Our Books

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Download Our Worksheets

Our worksheets correspond with our book reading levels. You’ll find a worksheet for almost every one of our books and videos! Download your samples below.

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I adore your program so much! Now, I am using the free trial and I have an intention to buy it. My children really like it!Alina
I have two young grandchildren. They are full of those big why questions you refer to and I think that your software dealing with this is useful to us and to them!Bob
We joined because my son loves your books with enhancement. His favorite is Kids versus Light. We enjoy science-based books. Thank you for this site 🙂Mary

Leveled Reading Pathways

Where should your child start on their Leveled Reading journey?

Kids should generally start learning by their age group and grade. Check out our reading levels by grade below. Kids will find 70+ exciting non-fiction books to read!

Age 3-5 years

kindergarten reading level books

Age 5-6 Years

first grade reading level books