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Top 6 Disney Classics!

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We take a look at our Top 6 Disney Classics, and what makes them so memorable for kids and adults! Kids all around the world enjoy Disney Tales because of their classic themes, diversity and beautiful illustration and animation. Let us know about your favorite Disney stories in the comments!

Our Top 6 Disney Classics

Disney Classics by Red Cat Reading

Lion King Disney Classics Red Cat Reading

The Lion King

The Lion King is a classic story of friendship, tragedy, growing up and revenge. This story is supposedly based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

The Lion King is based in Africa, where a young male lion, Simba, witnesses the death of his father at the hands of his jealous uncle. Simba flees the Kingdom and ends up growing up in a far away jungle with his new friends, Timone and Pumba. He lives a relatively carefree life with lots of adventures. One day he rescues Timone and Pumba from a hungry lioness, who turns out to be Nala, his childhood best friend. Nala encourages Simba to return to the pride of lions, his family, to save them from the tyranny of his uncle Scar. Samba eventually defeats Scar and takes his rightful place as King. Later he marries Nala and they have a child who will also one day be King.


The Little Mermaid Disney Classics Red Cat Reading

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a much-loved story about growing up, wishful thinking, finding your destiny and true love. This Disney Classic is based on the traditional Hans Christian Anderson story.

Arial, a young mermaid princess, dreams of becoming human and living on the land instead of under the ocean. One day Arial swims to the surface of the ocean and sees Eric, a handsome young prince, having a birthday party on a boat. She rescues Eric after a storm destroys the boat. Afterwards she’s even more determined to become human and spend her life with him. She visits Ursula the witch who agrees to give her human legs but only for 3 days. If Eric kisses her she remains human forever, but if he doesn’t Arial then belongs to Ursula.

Ursula becomes jealous and tries to trick Eric into marrying her instead. Arial’s time runs out and is trapped by Ursula. She is eventually saved by her father and by Eric. Her father gives her permission to remain human and to live with Eric forever. They all live happily ever after!


Pocahontas Disney Classics Red Cat Reading


Pocahontas is a nostalgic Disney tale based on the traditional story of a brave young Native-American woman in the 1600’s.

In this story, a group of British settlers sail to the new land (North America) where they set up a small town called Jamestown. They came to find gold and fight the Native-Americans so they could settle in America without problems. Pocahontas (part of the Powhatan tribe) and John (one of the settlers) accidentally meet in the forest and fall in love.

The settlers and the tribe clash on many occasions and try to kill each other. Eventually the tribe captures John, and Pocahontas’ father (the tribe leader) wants to execute him. John later saves her father and the two groups agree to live peacefully instead of fighting. John has to return home to England but it is suggested that he’ll come back to America to be with Pocahontas in the future.


Aladdin Disney Classics Red Cat Reading


Aladdin is an exotic Disney adventure and love story based in Asia.

A street boy, Aladdin, meets Jasmine (the Sultan’s daughter) and they fall in love. An evil man tries to trick Aladdin into finding and bringing him the magic Genie in a Lamp. The Genie has the power to grant 3 wishes to anyone who rubs the lamp. Aladdin takes the magical lamp for himself and makes a wish: to be Prince of a nearby land so he can marry Jasmine. The evil man tries to marry Jasmine in order to become Sultan (now that he can’t use the magic lamp) but Aladdin stops him. The evil man is eventually trapped in his own lamp according to one of Aladdin’s wishes.

To thank the Genie for helping, Aladdin releases him from the lamp. Aladdin is now no longer a Prince, but Jasmine’s father, the Sultan, changes the law so that Jasmine is allowed to marry Aladdin, who is now a commoner. They live happily ever after…


Snow White Disney Classics Red Cat Reading

Snow White

Snow White is one of the most well known Disney Classics.

This adventurous story is a little dark and scary, just like most Disney stories. Snow White is a beautiful young princess who’s mother dies. Her new step-mother, the Queen, is evil and jealous of Snow White’s beauty. She uses a magic mirror to watch Snow White wherever she goes. She orders a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods and kill her, but he tells her to run away instead. Snow White meets 7 funny dwarfs who take care of her, and she takes care of them. One day the evil Queen disguises herself and tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple. She falls into a deep, long sleep and can only be woken by “love’s first kiss”. The dwarfs are very sad and place her in a beautiful glass coffin that anyone can see into. One day, a Prince who had previously fallen in love with Snow White comes across her coffin and kisses her. She awakes from her magical sleep and the Prince takes her to his castle to be married.


Beauty and the Beast Disney Classics Red Cat Reading

Beauty and the Beast

This beautiful love story is a Disney Classic based on a French fairy tale.

One day an enchantress transforms an arrogant and cold-hearted Prince into a scary beast in order to teach him a lesson about kindness and love. The Beast lives a sad and lonely life in his castle. One day, an old travelling salesman (Belle’s father) seeks shelter in the Beast’s castle. Unfortunately the Beast captures him and traps him in the dungeon. Belle comes to look for him and trades her father’s freedom for her own. Belle and the Beast are kind to each other and fall in love over time.

An arrogant huntsman from Belle’s village is angry because Belle kept refusing his marriage proposal. When he learns that Belle has fallen in love with an ugly Beast, he becomes enraged and encourages the townspeople to go to the castle and kill the Beast. The Beast is killed but Belle breaks his curse by professing her undying love to him. The Beast turns back into his human self and they live happily ever after.


What are your favourite Disney Classics?! Let us know in the comments 🙂