About Red Cat Reading Meet the Team

Why We Started Red Cat Reading

Red Cat Reading is the project of a very, very busy parent. Kind of like you! And like you, I want to give my children the best shot at succeeding in life. It all starts with learning to read.

My name is Peter Galante. Aside from Red Cat Reading, I’m the owner of a successful 11-year language learning company… More importantly, I’m a father to 3 boys.

That should give you an idea of how busy I am.

Despite all that, I wanted to make something special for my children. As an experiment, my team and I wrote, illustrated and published phonics books for my kids. And they loved them! So we took the lessons learned from my language company and applied it to Red Cat Reading.

All so that busy parents can help their children learn to read fast and ensure their success in life.

With the help of my team we now have:

  • 60 phonics video lessons
  • A Phonics App
  • 100+ leveled books
  • New books released every week
  • 3 Leveled Reading Programs

We have everything you need for your child to go from learning letters to reading full books!

I will also share tried and tested success strategies to help your kids learn to read and get ahead in class. So, welcome to Red Cat Reading! Be sure to Sign Up For Your Free Trial and I’ll be in touch soon!

~ Peter

Meet the Team


Peter Galante
I share the words and stories that I create with my kids and my team.

I was born and raised in New York, USA, and I have a Master’s Degree in Economics. I’m working as a co-founder and COO of Innovative Language Learning.


Designer and Site Manager

I design kids’ books and the website. I manage the Red Cat Reading site.

I was born in South Africa and raised in New Zealand. I studied Visual Communication Design. I used to work as a marketing designer for adult education. I’m working as a Graphic Designer at Innovative Language Learning and as the Red Cat Reading site manager.

Eran Dekel
Technical Visionary

I drive our technological vision.

I was born and raised in New York, USA, and studied Engineering. I’m working as a co-founder and CTO of Innovative Language Learning.


I make illustrations and animations.

I was born and raised in Brazil and studied Fine Arts. I’m working as a Senior Artist at Innovative Language Learning.


I communicate with parents through social media and newsletters.

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I studied e-Commerce and Business Administration. I used to work as a freelance web designer. I’m working as a marketer at Innovative Language Learning.

Olivia Cheng

I combine and polish work from writers and designers and make final products.

I was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong. I studied Linguistics and Japanese Studies. I used to work as a journalist for a lifestyle magazine. I’m working as a product manager at Innovative Language Learning.

Jaehwi Lee
Product Manager

I help the team to work towards the same goals.

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I studied Education and Linguistics. I used to work as a marketer for kid’s books. I’m working as a Senior Product Manager at Innovative Language Learning.

Kira Freed

I write books.

I was born and raised in northern Ohio, USA. I have Master’s degrees in Anthropology and Counseling Psychology, and a Certificate in Nonfiction Writing. I used to work as an archaeozoologist and graphic artist. I’m a freelance writer and copy editor of nonfiction books that are used in reading programs.

Music Producer

I compose and produce kids’ songs. I work on creative consultancy across Red Cat Reading products.

I was born in London, UK. I studied Graphic Design Communication. I used to work as the head of design at a London-based marketing agency. I’m working as a Creative Director at Innovative Language Learning.