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September 19th: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

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For many children, anything pirate themed is a surefire way to get their attention! International Pirate Day, which is held each year on September 19th, is the perfect way to let your child’s creativity, imagination, and love of pirate life run wild! International Talk Like A Pirate Day was first celebrated in 1995, and has been a world sensation ever …

Red Cat Reading back to school activities at home kids learn to read

10 Fun Back to School Activities: A guide for teachers

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Teachers, are you tired of repeating the same old icebreakers in the first week of school? Here are some more interesting ideas for your elementary students this year: About Me Create a worksheet with blank spaces for the students to fill out, including a square in the upper left for the student’s illustration of themselves. Some information could include: Name, …

Red Cat Reading fun autumn activities

Fun and Active Autumn Activities by Red Cat Reading

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn The autumn season is most certainly one of my favorite times of the year. There are so many things that I love about the fall season and some of my favorite autumn words are hoodies, pumpkins, and s’mores. From the refreshing fall weather, to fun with pumpkins, to the colorful autumn leaves, all of these autumn …

Red Cat Reading back to school motivation all year long

Back to School: How to Keep Your Child Motivated All Year Long

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It’s that exciting and overwhelming time of year again – a new, fresh school year. Your child might be starting kindergarten or elementary school for the first time, or going into 2nd grade or higher. You’re busy running around ticking things off the Back-to-School checklist: School supplies Backpack School reading books Uniform School Bus Sign-Up Healthy Food But what about …

red cat reading top 9 books about animals for kids

Top 9 Animal Books by Red Cat Reading!

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Are your young kids obsessed with animals?! At Red Cat Reading we know all about that! Kids can learn so much about science and different countries around the world when they’re reading about animals. What are your child’s favourite animals? Let us know in the comments below…   1. Pets This simple level 1 book is the best place to start …

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Back to School with Red Cat Reading

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Heading back to school can be bittersweet! Going back to school and learning with friends is always a fun and exciting time for children of all ages. However, leaving home and the carefree times of summer vacation can prove difficult, especially for kids! Getting out of bed early, giving up the lazy days of sitting around and playing with friends, …

Red Cat Reading Celebrate national dog day dog illustration poodle pug sausage dog labrador scottie

Celebrate National Dog Day!

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You may hear about National Dog Day and find yourself wondering “what is National Dog Day?” This day came about in 2004 when animal expert, Colleen Paige, wanted to bring attention to the mistreatment of animals. She also wanted to drum up support for the adoption of dogs. Colleen knows that millions of dogs are killed each year because they do …

Red Cat Reading Top 6 Disney Classics – Reading for Kids

Top 6 Disney Classics!

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We take a look at our Top 6 Disney Classics, and what makes them so memorable for kids and adults! Kids all around the world enjoy Disney Tales because of their classic themes, diversity and beautiful illustration and animation. Let us know about your favorite Disney stories in the comments! Our Top 6 Disney Classics The Lion King The Lion King is a …

Red Cat Reading Talking World Kids Learn Languages Fast

Free iBooks: Introduce Your Children to 34 Languages!

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Hello everyone, Are you interested in having your child learn a foreign language? Great idea! Language experts suggest that children who learn a foreign language in early childhood show certain cognitive advantages over children who do not. But not only that, learning a new language is FUN! With our Talking World iBooks, your children will have a blast while learning the foreign language of …

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Celebrate National Friendship Day

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When is Friendship Day, you ask? Well, we will celebrate Friendship Day on July 30. Friendship Day, also known as Friends Day or National Friends Day, began back in 1935 shortly after the end of World War I. Congress noticed the tension and grief that the war had left behind and they felt it was necessary to honor and promote …

Red Cat Reading innovation in education

The Evolution of Education is Inevitable

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Why We Think Education Needs a Major Shakeup It’s often said that if a person alive 200 years ago woke up in today’s world, they would probably only recognize one thing: The classroom. It is quite true that in many ways, the typical school classroom is one of the only things that hasn’t really changed in our fast-moving, modern world. …

Red Cat Reading Ch Collection

The Phonics CH Sound Collection

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The CH Sound is one of our favorite sounds! We’ve created so much fun CH content for your child to learn with, whether they love videos, songs, dancing or ebooks. Jump To: CH eBook CH Phonics Video CH Song Video CH Fast Song Video CH Dance Video with Meg CH Classroom Dance Video CH eBook Your kids will love swiping …

Red Cat Reading Kids Learn to Read Fast The Flipped Classroom. Classroom flipping

Here’s How The Flipped Classroom Empowers Children to Learn

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What is a Flipped Classroom? Like the name implies, a flipped classroom is one where the traditional lecture and homework elements are “flipped” or reversed. While the specific features of a flipped class may differ from school to school, the basic elements include pre-recorded lectures followed by in-class exercises. So essentially, flipping the classroom means that teachers take a more …

Red Cat Reading Summer Reading Lists for Kindergarten and First Grade

Red Cat Reading Summer Reading Lists for Kindergarten and First Grade

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It’s coming up to the big summer holiday break, and you may be wondering how to motivate your kids to keep reading and learning. The best way is to encourage curiosity and a love of reading in your child. But of course this is often easier said than done!   Why does your child need a summer reading list? It’s a well-known fact that kids can …

Red Cat Reading International Joke Day Header Kids Learn to Read

July 1st – International Joke Day

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International Joke Day (not to be confused with April Fool’s Day), falls on July 1st. It’s a day to relax and have fun with those you care about. There are many ways you can celebrate International Joke Day, from doing silly crafts to reading silly stories to making up your very own jokes to share with others. No matter how …

Red Cat Reading Blog Post Parents Responsibility Teach Children to Read Kids Learn to Read the Fun Way

2 Reasons Why Parental Responsibility is So Critical to a Child’s Education

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Teachers Should Not Be the Only Ones Responsible for a Child’s Education Young children rely heavily upon their parents for emotional, physical, and financial support. But when it comes to support in school, parental responsibility is often ceded to teachers.  Early child education requires role models, educators and people of authority to help teach children and establish a productive learning environment. …

national children's book week children kids reading red cat reading learn to read phonics online reading program

National Children’s Book Week

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Reading is a vital aspect of every child’s life. Whether you are reading with your child or whether your child is old enough to read alone, reading is an important part of each and every day. It is never too early to start reading, and many studies have shown that even reading to a newborn is important. The older your child …