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July 1st – International Joke Day

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International Joke Day (not to be confused with April Fool’s Day), falls on July 1st. It’s a day to relax and have fun with those you care about. There are many ways you can celebrate International Joke Day, from doing silly crafts to reading silly stories to making up your very own jokes to share with others. No matter how you choose to celebrate this fun filled day, you can be sure that it will be made even more special when you spend it with family and loved ones.


So What Is International Joke Day?

International Joke Day is a fun-filled, silly day where you’re encouraged to share laughs and jokes with others. Through humor and silly stories, jokes and rhymes, people can bond and spend time making each other laugh. Sharing a smile with those who are stressed, tired, or overworked could be just the thing they need. So break out your favorite joke books, riddles, and silly stories and get laughing!


Red Cat Reading International Joke Day Telling Jokes to Friends

Write Your Own Jokes!

Get creative on International Joke Day and write your own jokes! If you’ve exhausted your usual material or are looking for something new and different, spend some time coming up with original jokes! You can do this as a family activity – have everyone sit down and take turns coming up with three jokes, and see who gets the most laughs from the jokes that they come up with. This is a bonus activity, as it encourages children and adults to tap into their creativity in order to come up with great jokes. The more creative and fun your jokes are, the better!


Tell a Joke to Family and Friends

If you are spending time with family and friends, be sure to share a joke with them. You can tell a joke or a riddle, or even a funny story. This is especially a good idea if someone you know is feeling down, and you feel like they might be in need of a laugh. You can even do this with some of the people you know around your community – the clerk at the grocery store, or even your child’s teacher! They’ll be sure to appreciate you taking the time to celebrate International Joke Day with them!


Come Up with Silly Stories

If jokes aren’t your thing or you want to go a different route, try coming up with silly stories to share. Since it’s a day that’s focused on laughter and having a good time, make sure to write up stories that are incredibly silly – and it’s okay if they don’t make sense! Sometimes the funniest things can be something that you would never imagine coming up with yourself, but things that sound great to a child or a friend.

Red Cat Reading International Joke Day Telling Jokes to Friends

Read Joke Books or Silly Books Together

Take a trip to your local library and check out some books that deal with jokes – there are bound to be quite a few! If you can’t find any joke books or are looking for something a little longer, take a peek around for some silly books. There are a lot of books out there that you can read together for a great laugh, and you can take turns reading and doing the silly voices of the characters with your children. It’s definitely a rewarding experience.


Put on a Silly Puppet Show

Encourage everyone in your family to get even more creative by hosting a silly puppet show! Create your own puppets (make them silly – a bumble bee dressed as a princess, or maybe an elephant dressed up as a superhero – the funnier the better!), and work together to write a script that you can use for the puppets. You could also come up with something silly while you are acting it out. You can’t go wrong, as long as you make your audience laugh!


In Conclusion

International Joke Day can be anything you want it to be, as long as you, your family, and your friends are all laughing and having a great time. Don’t be shy about writing up your own jokes or putting on a puppet show with family – it’s supposed to be silly, so allow yourself to get creative and have a great time!


by Kelly Gunderman