Red Cat Reading Kids Learn to Read Fast The Flipped Classroom. Classroom flipping

Here’s How The Flipped Classroom Empowers Children to Learn

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What is a Flipped Classroom?

Like the name implies, a flipped classroom is one where the traditional lecture and homework elements are “flipped” or reversed. While the specific features of a flipped class may differ from school to school, the basic elements include pre-recorded lectures followed by in-class exercises. So essentially, flipping the classroom means that teachers take a more passive role while the students take learning into their own hands.

Students typically will start a flipped class by viewing short 5-10 minute video lectures. Next, the teacher may lead an in-class discussion or possibly separate students into teams to apply the concepts they just learned using in-class exercises. But while the specific elements of a flipped classroom may differ, the core change is that children are responsible for managing their learning instead of the teacher.

Flipping the Classroom Provides Several Benefits for Your Child

#1 No More Missed Lecture Notes

In a traditional classroom, teachers give lectures and students are expected to transcribe or take notes. Although this approach has been considered the best way to learn for generations, it has several drawbacks, including:

  • No Time for Students to Reflect on the Information/Concept
  • Student May Miss Portions of the Lecture While Taking Notes/Transcribing
  • Students May Not Be Interested in the Material and Thus Become Bored or Disinterested

But in the flipped classroom, students can simply rewind and review lecture videos as many times as needed to learn the material. Plus, these learning videos can also be viewed at home or whenever the student has more time to properly reflect upon the material.


Red Cat Reading Kids Learn to Read Fast The Flipped Classroom. Classroom flipping

#2. More Control Over Materials Provides Greater Motivation for Kids to Learn

One of the biggest struggles for educators in traditional classrooms is keeping students motivated to learn and master new concepts. But in flipped classrooms, motivation for kids skyrockets as they take control of their own learning. Of course educators don’t give total control and students must choose lessons from a list of approved materials. However, by granting students greater responsibility for their own education, flipping the classroom seems to solve the motivation problem plaguing most traditional classrooms.

#3. Frees Up More Class Time to Apply Concepts Being Studied in Class

In the traditional classroom, up to 50% or more of class can be devoted to the lecture. This leaves very little time left for students to actually apply the information they have just learned. Flipped classrooms, however, rely on pre-recorded learning videos which can be watched in-class or before. The pre-recorded lectures allow students more time to apply concepts, take review quizzes, and even discuss material for better understanding.

So can we expect more classroom flipping in the future or is this just a passing fad that will quickly fade away? Unlike other educational initiatives that have come and gone over the years, flipped classrooms will be the future for many practical reasons.


3 Reasons Why Flipped Classrooms Are the Future of Education

Budget Cuts

The budget cuts caused by the Great Recession meant class sizes swelled to more than 30 students per classroom. But as budgets continue to be constrained, increasing class size just isn’t a realistic option. Instead, more and more school districts will turn to pre-recorded kids learning videos and the same online learning technology employed in a flipped classroom. So in a very real sense, budget cuts will force more and more school districts to adopt some variation of the flipped classroom. One way or another, self study via learning videos and online learning platforms are the future of education.

Traditional Classrooms Cannot Keep Pace

The traditional classroom simply cannot deliver the quality of education necessary to help your children keep pace with students around the world. Outdated textbooks, overworked teachers, budget cuts and more are all conspiring to lower the quality of education received in any traditional classroom setting. Flipped classrooms are more efficient, cost effective, and help engage students in their own education making them more relevant and useful in today’s fast-paced world.

Children Learn Faster, Retain More, and Have More Fun When They Have a Say

When children are provided with learning tools they can control and engage with, their motivation to learn increases dramatically. Flipped classrooms encourage students to study lectures and learning videos on their own time. This saves class time for applying that new knowledge using problem-solving, team building, experimentation, and even independent research.


Red Cat Reading Kids Learn to Read Fast The Flipped Classroom. Classroom flipping

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