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2 Reasons Why Parental Responsibility is So Critical to a Child’s Education

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Teachers Should Not Be the Only Ones Responsible for a Child’s Education

Young children rely heavily upon their parents for emotional, physical, and financial support. But when it comes to support in school, parental responsibility is often ceded to teachers. 

Early child education requires role models, educators and people of authority to help teach children and establish a productive learning environment. These role models include teachers, parents and other family members.


Red Cat Reading Blog Post Parents Responsibility Teach Children to Read Kids Learn to Read the Fun Way

You Can Help Teach Your Child to Read! Here’s How…

Few skills are as vital to your child’s success in life as learning how to read.  While it may make more sense to cede parental responsibility for teaching a child subjects like Algebra, Chemistry, and other advanced subjects, reading is a different matter. Reading is critical to child development and education because it opens the door to all other school topics, all books, and even the internet. 

  • Encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning:  Work with your child to choose topics that they love and are naturally curious about. If your child loves learning about science, why not buy them some fun new science books, and even make up some simple science experiments for them! When kids are having fun, they naturally learn more and learn faster.
  • Use any spare moments:  Modern parents really don’t have much free time, but you can use free time like breakfast time, or driving your child to school to practice small amounts of reading. For example, you can encourage your child to read what’s on the cereal box, or call out names of road signs and locations.
  • Work with your child’s teacher and reading curriculum:  Speak with your child’s teacher to figure out what your child could improve on. It may be grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary. Together, find a way to help and encourage your child at home with fun learning exercises. You could try baking together, with your child reading out the ingredients and the recipe, or taking part in a craft project like making and writing cards for your child’s friends.



Red Cat Reading Blog Post Parents Responsibility Teach Children to Read Kids Learn to Read the Fun Way

Red Cat Reading Can Help You Teach Your Child to Read With Less Time & Effort

I created Red Cat Reading to help parents teach their children to read in a structured manner that builds skills and confidence with every book they complete. And for maximum convenience, all of our books are in digital format so your kids only need a laptop or tablet to read anywhere or anytime they wish.  

With Red Cat Reading, we use Leveled Books to build reading skills and confidence that ultimately leads to mastery.  In addition to our books, your children can learn to read even faster thanks to videos, songs, and worksheets that help reinforce learning and boost confidence.

Unfortunately, most parents are so pressed for time that they may need a little help teaching their children to read.  Red Cat Reading is here to help provide children with the tools, resources, and support they need to learn how to read in just 90 days or less.  

So don’t delay:  Sign up for your free account at Red Cat Reading today!