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New Year Reading Resolutions

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Reading resolutions are a fun and purposeful way to start the year and keep your child motivated. Why not think of some fun reading goals your child will be able to stick to? That way they’ll gain confidence and enjoy reading more and more!

Brainstorm some goals together – you can start first to get the ball rolling.

Write or print out a checklist and stick it on the fridge. Tick off each goal your child achieves and reward them with stickers or more books!



Here’s an example:

My Reading Goals for 2019

  • I will read 60 books this year.
  • I will read about science, sports and food.
  • I will read at least 1 book(s) every week.
  • I will read by myself once a week.
  • I will go to the school library and browse the books every week.
  • I will read 8 new authors.
  • I will talk to my friends about the books I’m reading every month.


What are your child’s reading goals for 2019?

Feel free to share them in the comments below!


Red Cat Reading New Year's Reading Goals

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