Creative Writing for Kids

Red Cat Reading Team Blog

Creative writing is a fun and interesting way to express yourself with stories! Some kids have a very active imagination and can easily get writing, but others might need some inspiration to kick-start their story. Red Cat Reading is here to provide you with the best advice on how to get some ideas flowing!

1. Start Small

Not all stories need to be long to be great! A good way to start writing your first story is to keep sentences short and simple. Even just 3 words per sentence can help to tell a fun story! To help your child get started, try giving them some topics to write about, or maybe start writing together until they can get the ideas flowing on their own.

If you’re not sure what ideas to share, try reading other short stories for inspiration. You can even check out some books from Red Cat Reading’s very own FREE collection of stories! You can download the best books made just for kids by experienced teachers here

2. Find Topics that Inspire

You can take inspiration from ANYTHING to help get your writing started! Fairy tales are loved by many children and can be a great way to find a wonderful topic for your writing. Magical creatures, princes and princesses, and faraway lands can bring the imagination out of any child! For some fairy tale fun, watch some classic children’s movies or pick up some picture books and get inspired. 

Also, be sure to check out Red Cat Reading’s very own bedtime stories for extra magic and fun!

3. Add Pictures

Bring extra fun and imagination to your story by adding pictures! Draw personalized pictures for your story with whatever materials you like. This will certainly add a lot of excitement and expression to your story. If drawing isn’t quite your style, why not cut out some photos from a magazine or print from the internet? Looking for the perfect image can be just as fun as drawing it yourself!

4. Enjoy Your Story

Once your story is complete, there are many ways to enjoy reading it! You can take turns reading lines from the story, or even have a special presentation in front of the family. This is a great way for children to build self confidence and show off their reading skills. Parents can also enjoy reading for their children at bedtime for a special treat. 

5. Act it Out

If you can, try acting out the story! Put on a play with friends and family by acting out the story in the book. It will really bring the tale to life and is sure to be a hit among everyone. It can be a good chance to be silly and pretend to be someone or something else! Let your passion for acting break free!