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Celebrate World Book Day with Red Cat Reading

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Reading is a fundamental part of childhood, and remains important throughout their lifetime. To celebrate the books, authors, and illustrators that bring us these tools that spark imagination, we have World Book Day! This day is celebrated around the world, with different events held at schools, libraries, bookstores, and communities. World Book Day was designated by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). There are plenty of ways to celebrate World Book Day as a family, in the classroom, or at your local library!

Read Together

The best way to celebrate world book day is to read together! Choose both old and new authors and get reading. Visit your local library or purchase books from your used or independent bookstore so that you can support authors and bookstores you love. Try reading books outside your child’s favorite genres, so that you have the chance to experience something new! Ask questions and talk about what you’ve read.

Celebrate World Book Day - Red Cat ReadingMake it a Community Event

Visit your library and ask them how they will be celebrating World Book Day. If they are having an event, ask if they are looking for volunteers to help set it up or run the event. If they do not have anything planned, discuss a few ideas to have a World Book Day celebration in your town. Some ideas include having a story time or a book drive to get people excited about reading.

Fundraisers and Book Swaps

Set up a fundraiser to raise money for your library so that they can purchase new books! Host or join a bake sale to raise money for new materials at the library or school. Organize a community book swap, where members of your community can bring old books that they have read and swap with others. This is a great idea for children, who often get tired of books easily.

Celebrate World Book Day - Red Cat ReadingLearn About your Favorite Authors and Illustrators

Spend some time on World Book Day and learn about the authors and illustrators who have put together some of your child’s favorite books! Learn about their backgrounds, writing styles, illustration techniques, and upcoming book releases. This is a fun way to get to know your favorites on a more personal level!

Get Writing

Celebrate World Book Day by helping your child write their very own short story! If your child hasn’t done any writing before you can always start by looking at this list of creative writing topics for children. Once your child gets started, they might realize that they truly enjoy it! If your child is more interested in art, encourage them to illustrate their favorite story.

There are endless opportunities to celebrate World Book Day and give back to the community that have shown you how fun reading can be. Make sure your children know how to appreciate books and the authors and illustrators who created them. Let the sky be the limit as you show your appreciation and love for reading!


by Kelly Gunderman

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