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Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

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Dr. Seuss has always been known as writing legend. Since he has created so many beautifully written and fun stories, he has entertained children and adults for years! Dr. Seuss’s birthday is celebrated in schools, libraries, and communities across the world, and with good reason! There are many different ways to celebrate the birthday of this spectacular author who has touched the lives of so many people. By instilling a love of reading in children early on, he has given many millions of readers the ambition to pick up as many books as they can!


Read Some Dr. Seuss Books

Do you already have a favorite Dr. Seuss book that you like to read with your child? If you don’t already have a favorite, find that perfect Dr Suess book on March 2nd! Choose from dozens of classics, such as The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Lorax (just to name a few!). Get lost in the colorful illustration and amusing verse as you discover new lands and meet silly creatures. Many of the favorite Dr. Seuss classics have been adapted into an easier to read, board book format for younger readers. This means that no matter how young or old you are, there’s a Dr. Seuss book for you!

Dr Suess Birthday activities by Red Cat ReadingMake it a Dr. Seuss Inspired Day

Start your day off with a Green Eggs and Ham inspired breakfast using some of these recipes, then move on to story time with a favorite Dr. Seuss book! After reading, why not take a trip through your neighborhood, pointing out some of the more interesting sights on your trip? Make your very own game of Oh, the Places You’ll Go, and make your walk or scavenger hunt even more exciting! Print out this tic-tac-toe activity page and play a Dr. Seuss inspired game together!


Write Your Own Dr. Seuss Inspired Story

If you’re feeling extra creative after reading Dr. Seuss’ stories on this amazing holiday, why not work together with your child to come up with your own Dr Seuss-style story? Don’t worry about your story seeming silly or making you laugh while writing – that’s the point! Together you can create a fun and exciting story (complete with illustrations if you like) that you will be able to keep forever as a reminder of how you celebrated this special day!

No matter how you choose to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday, you’ll definitely be in for a fun filled day full of rhymes, colorful characters, and exciting stories that are unique! So check out your library to read some Dr. Seuss books that you haven’t had the chance to read yet, revisit some old favorites, and have a fun filled day celebrating your favorite children’s author! Don’t forget to bake a cake!

Dr Suess Birthday activities by Red Cat Reading


by Kelly Gunderman


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