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How to Survive Black Friday with Kids!

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Are you excited for Black Friday? You’ll finally get to buy all those things you’ve been saving up for! But wait, how much fun is Black Friday really going to be for kids?

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It’s Thanksgiving night and the food has been put away, all the relatives have gone home, and the kitchen has been cleaned.

What happens now?

Black Friday, of course!


It’s the magical day where everything is ridiculously cheap, luring everyone out into the madness. For those with kids that have to come along, here are a few ideas to keep them occupied as you stand in the longest lines you’ve ever seen outside of Disney World.

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Easy Black Friday Activities for Kids

  1. Play “I spy”

This familiar old school game is perfect for waiting in line and great for encouraging your young ones to think abstractly. You can play by just choosing an object and giving clues as to what you have chosen. You can also make it more fun by creating scenarios; going on a hiking trip, making a picnic, or getting ready to go on a road trip. Pick a topic and see if your child can spy items that would be great to bring or use in that scenario. It will get them thinking creatively, and will help make that enormous line at Walmart far more entertaining.

  1. Bring some books on a tablet or phone

Books are a great way to get kids engaged in something while waiting in line. Bring a new digital book or a classic favorite from home. Read the words, but also look closely at the pictures. Ask questions about the characters emotions. Discuss the plot, climax, and resolution. Also ask your child how they would have ended the book if they had written it. After reading, why not get out some paper and have your child write or draw their own story?

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  1. Start counting

Counting can be done anywhere. Count the socks, tvs, dolls, or even people. Count red things, blue things, or striped things. Count the different kids or even all the moms. Everything is countable. If your kid needs more of a challenge, start counting by 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s.

  1. Play the alphabet game

Start naming items in alphabetical order. The first person names something that starts with “a”, the next with “b”, and so on. Keep going until you get to “z”, and then do it backwards! You can also specify and do only kitchen items, or toys.

  1. Play hand games

Hand games are a great way to get your kid’s mind off the wait. Learn some simple hand games like Patty Cake, Miss Mary Mack, or Slide to really keep your child focused on something other than the line out the door. These will also help with coordination, rhyming, and concentration.

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Baby Shark video Black Friday Red Cat Reading


So if you’re going out into the Black Friday madness, be more prepared to combat the surliness, boredom, and overall anguish from waiting hours in one line. A little forethought can help you avoid all the tantrums on the cheapest day of the year. Good luck!