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School’s Out!

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The end of the school year brings about plenty of excitement. For many, the summer officially begins at the very last day of school, which typically occurs in June. Children are excited to have a few months where they can play and explore. Getting up early and sitting in a classroom won’t happen again until fall, and they are free to have as much fun as they can!

For parents, summer can be a worrying time, as well. Many children tend to lose some of what they have learned during the school year over the summer break. Children might not want to read as much or engage in educational activities. As a parent, it is important to keep their minds active and ensure that they have enriching experiences all summer long!

Five Activities for the End of the School Year

Make a Scrapbook

Using some of your child’s favorite art projects, great scores that they got on tests, and other work that they are proud of; create a scrapbook! Whether you purchase a pre-made scrapbook or decide to create your own from scratch, have your child tell the story of their school year. Use school pictures, newspaper clippings, and handwritten stories about what they experienced in school through the year. This is a project that they will be thrilled to look back on later in life. Creating an education scrapbook like this one will also remind them of the things that they learned over the year, so it doesn’t slip out of their minds!


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Have a Reading Night

Even though school is out, it doesn’t mean that your child should stop reading! Encourage him or her to continue reading by setting up a family reading night. Go to a library or bookstore and have each member of the family choose a book. Then have a nice quiet evening where you can relax and read together. You can combine this with other fun activities as well, such as making snacks that are based on your favorite books.

Invest in an E-Reader

Picking up an e-reader or tablet for your child to use over summer break is a great idea. They have the ability to take books with them wherever they go – this is particularly helpful when the family is going on holiday. Load up the e-reader with books that you think your child will enjoy. Try taking a look at some of the great titles available through the program – it is a subscription service that provides your child with plenty of interesting and entertaining books, videos, and educational resources for you.

Play with your Child

Yes, that’s right – play with your child! A lot of important educational things can be learned through play. In fact, many children learn best by engaging in enjoyable activities such as those found in playtime. Whether you are playing cars with your child or you are building with blocks, you are not only having fun, you are helping your child learn. Whether it be cause and effect, math, or reading, there are so many different activities available that will help your child hold onto what he or she learned during the year.


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Take Enriching Day Trips

Take some fun and enriching day trips with your child. Go to a children’s science museum or to an art gallery. Take a trip to an important monument if there is one nearby. Have your child chronicle his or her summer by taking photographs and writing journal entries. As a bonus, he or she will have plenty to share with classmates when school starts again!


~ Kelly Gunderman