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There’s nothing like relaxing on the couch cozied up with a bowl of popcorn with your kids, watching their favorite show or movie. These days there are so many different things for kids to watch, it can be hard to know what the best choice for your child might be. There are many options out there, so how do you choose? Well we here at Red Cat Reading have compiled 10 of the best shows on Netflix and other streaming services for your child to watch! You can rest assured that your child will be watching quality content with life lessons and educational messages. Now, let’s check out some great shows for kids!

1. Ask the Storybots

This is a fun show that stars charming little robots that help answer some of kids’ biggest questions. Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop and Bo help teach kids some of the most important facts of life, including where electricity comes from, how eyes see, and how to make music. There are so many fun and exciting topics, your child will learn something new with each and every episode! There are even special guests whom parents might recognize, like Jay Leno, John Legend, Whoopi Goldberg, and more. This show is also full of educational and catchy songs that captivate kids’ attention and minds. The show is so well done, you might forget you’re watching a kids show!

2. Sofia the First  

Full of magic, songs, and adventure, this 3D animated series stars Sofia, an average girl turned princess after her mother marries a king. This may seem like your classic rags to riches  princess fairytale, but this series is so much more than that. Sofia learns how to adjust to her new life with the help of new friends and animals she likes to talk to. She helps teach her friends and viewers that it’s ok to be yourself and try new things, even if you’re a bit nervous. This show is a good opportunity for kids to think about their own choices and how they decide to do the right thing. Sofia is a great role model who will help show kids how to handle all kinds of tough situations with kindness and patience.

3. PJ Masks

This is a series that follows three young superheroes, Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette, who fight crime at night and are normal kids during the day. The stories are full of examples of how to deal with problems or disagreements with others and how to apologize when needed. The kids work together to save the day from the bad guys and show viewers the power of friendship and working together. This show encourages kids to think about the difference between right and wrong, and what to do when you think something isn’t quite right. It’s full of life lessons and how to do the right thing even when it may not be easy. 

4. Masha and the Bear

This series is based on Russian folklore about a little girl, Masha, who meets and becomes friends with a retired circus bear. In each story, Masha enjoys going on little adventures and dragging her bear pal into all kinds of tricky situations! Even though Masha can be quite mischievous, the bear is always by her side helping her through some tough spots. Also, since the bear can’t speak, you’re in for some great expressions and non-verbal communication that is just as captivating for kids as stories with dialogue. Masha and the Bear could be a much needed break from some of the more mainstream shows out there for kids. 

5. DC Super Hero Girls

If you’re looking for a confidence boosting show for young girls, you’ve come to the right place. This series showcases some of the most popular DC characters, including Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, in a way that is easy for kids to enjoy. The stories are safe for kids to watch without getting scared or seeing something a bit inappropriate for younger viewers. Even parents can enjoy watching their favorite DC characters in a different light with their kids. The girls are normal kids who go to school by day, and the superheroes we know and love by night. The heroic actions of the heroes is great for empowering young girls and shows viewers the power of friendship.

6. Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices

This show is a series of short videos of Black celebrities and authors reading books featuring black characters and stories that may not appear in your typical children’s books. This show is so special, because it exposes parents and kids to books they may or may not even be aware of. Black kids are encouraged to be confident in themselves and the things about themselves and their family that makes them unique and wonderful. It is also great for kids of all backgrounds to enjoy and relate to, while being able to see Black kids in the spotlight and being represented in a way we’ve all been waiting for.

7. Llama Llama

Llama lama is a sweet young “kid” who spends his days with his friends and Mama Llama learning how to succeed in the world around him. This series shares the ups and downs Llama faces as he learns how to navigate new challenges and situations that many young children may inevitably encounter. Mama Llama patiently helps guide Llama through some tough times and teaches him how to make good choices. Even though this show is based on animals, the relationships of all of the characters are really relatable and help teach kids the importance of maintaining healthy friendships. 

8. Our Planet

While Our Planet isn’t technically a kids’ series, it is however a beautifully stunning way for kids to experience the world around them in the comfort of their own home. This series is narrated by the renowned Davig Attenborough and showcases all kinds of animals in environments all around the world, while also highlighting the effects of climate change on nature. Kids can enjoy learning about how animals live and survive in their respective parts of the world. The show is so well made, it might even inspire kids to learn more about nature, animals, or what they can do to protect the environment.

9. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

This is a reboot of the original and beloved 90’s series The Magic School Bus. Today’s kids are sure to enjoy the wacky adventures led by the quirky science teacher Ms. Frizzle. Ms. Frizzle fearlessly leads her students into some fun, educational, and sometimes risky situations that are out of this world. The show encourages kids to think critically and become scientists of the everyday world. It includes some unique scenarios we know and love from the original series, like getting shrunk down to the size of bacteria, or getting sent to outer space. Every episode presents an opportunity for learning and exploration in ways that only Ms. Frizzle can guide us through. This show is so exciting and original, kids won’t even realize they’re learning! 

10. Motown Magic

The story focuses on Ben, a young African-American boy who discovers that, thanks to a magical paintbrush, he can disappear inside the street murals of Motown. This series is brought to life by an incredible soundtrack that even parents will love, featuring some of the most famous Motown songs from the 60’s. The characters face some tough times together, like the divorce of their parents and other issues kids and families may face, but the kids always come out stronger and wiser. Kids are encouraged to believe that “creativity is magic” and to get inspired by the wonderful world around them.

Add Something New to Your List

So which show are you going to queue up first? You can’t go wrong with any one of these special and original series. Your child is bound to learn some great lessons and have lots of fun along the way. Happy watching! 

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