How to Celebrate Father’s Day

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It is always good to say Thank you to others, and even more so to people whose efforts and personal sacrifices in our lives often go largely unnoticed – mothers, fathers and teachers. Their roles are so very important in society, as illustrated by the words of erstwhile Indian president and scientist, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam:

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Red Cat Reading has given you many good ideas to treat Mom on Mother’s Day, and also to treat the kids’ teachers in Teacher Appreciation Week. So, this week, we’re giving you excellent ideas to thank your own and/or your kids’ father, or any father figure, for their role in your life this year.

1. Father’s Day Ideas

Whether you choose to go the card, outing or gift route to make this year’s a happy Father’s Day, we have some excellent ideas for you.

Best Father’s Day gifts

Who doesn’t like being treated with a gift? However, unless it’s something Dad really needs and wants, ditch the traditional tie! Ideally, try to find out ahead of the day if there’s anything he really wants, but that he is unable or even unwilling to get for himself. If this is not possible, here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

1) Special Meal

There is an old expression that says the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so a specially prepared meal for Dad is bound to make a great impression. Make his favorite breakfast dish, or try something new and adventurous. Think of a humongous burger with creative fillings, even more special if all the ingredients are homemade or picked from the garden. Add freshly squeezed juice, or freshly-ground coffee. Or, specially for sweet-toothed Dads, treat him with homemade pecan nut waffles with chocolate sauce. Or consider slapping together his favorite Mexican dish, such as a plateful of tortilla chips covered with his favorite toppings. Search for creative recipes and, ideally, do a trial run at home before the day.

2) Engraved Gifts

Especially for a first Father’s Day, consider having something engraved with a unique one-line message to commemorate this special day. Think of things such as a beer mug, a good-quality pen, a penny to hang on a keyring, a travel bag with a metal plate, the list goes on. The message can be short and sweet, such as ‘The Best First-time Dad’, or ‘Greatest Dad since 2017’.

3) Slogan T-Shirt or Sweater

Another excellent first Father’s Day gift, but one that will be special any year! Get a good-quality T-shirt or sweater, and have it printed with a slogan or other message. Think of sayings such as: “Best Dad in the World”, “This Man is the Best Father Ever!”, “My Kids think I Rock” or “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad”. Alternatively, consider a funny print, such as “I can fall asleep anywhere; I’m a Dad”, “Taxi driver, chef, story teller, personal bank – All Time Best Dad”, “Best Father’s Day ever. My kids finally admitted I’m right about everything”. Or you could get two T-shirts printed, one for Mom and one for Dad, with a collage of photos and the names and birthdates of all the children. The caption: “My wife/husband and I made them all by ourselves”.

4) Framed Family Photo

Have a photo of you and the kids, or a family photo taken professionally every year. Then put it in a frame for Father’s Day – a wonderful decoration for Dad’s office. It will remind him that you love him and that he has value in your lives. This lovely gift can be repeated every Father’s Day!

5) Personalize Something with a Pic

Choose a beautiful photo of the family, and have it printed on something like Dad’s cell phone cover, a T-shirt, a new mousepad for him, his special coffee mug or the like. That way, the family remains close to him always!

6) Personalized Music Compilation

Cut a disc with a compilation of all Dad’s favorite music on a CD, or put it on an engraved USB drive. If you choose a CD, you can decorate the cover sleeve with photos of the family or messages from the kids written in English.

7) Gift Basket

Another food-theme gift would be a food basket with Dad’s favorite snacks and drinks- wonderful to take to work the next day! Or, for a handyman Dad, think of a DIY basket with tools etc that he might need. Or, make up a gift basket with a selection of the gifts listed so far.

8) Uncommon Gifts

Don’t be mainstream – give Dad a bunch of flowers on Father’s Day! Also, think of gifts like art and toiletries – not only Moms like beautiful things or to take care of themselves!

2. Best Father’s Day Activities

1) Appreciation Cards and Poems

Before Father’s Day, let every family member make Dad a special card with a personal Thank You message or poem in English. Something handmade by the kids (and Mom!) will always be a favorite go-to activity whenever you really want to give a meaningful message. Be creative and think of using different materials to make the cards spectacular. Then, on the day, just before serving Dad a special breakfast, the family could take turns reading out their messages to him and round it off with a warm hug! That is sure to start his day with a memorable event, and make him feel appreciated.

2) Men or Dad Sports Activities

Especially if Dad is the sporty, active type, this could just be what he needs on the Sunday of Father’s Day. Great bonding time! Think of playing a game of golf or mini golf, going fishing or boating, going for a hike or bicycle ride, go for a go-kart ride, take to the sea for scuba diving, challenge him to paintball, go camping, go hang gliding, horse riding or skydiving (tandem skydiving takes only about an hour of training), or go on a hot-air balloon ride. This is about Dad and what he wants, so perhaps give him a choice!

4) Have a Road Trip Weekend

Pack the car and drive cross country or down the coast for the weekend! Mom, plan an itinerary to visit places and/or events that you know your husband will enjoy; look, for instance, where there are motor shows, air shows, art exhibitions or any sort of exhibition or show related to his interests and hobbies. Perhaps throw in a surprise visit to family or friends.

5) Get Tickets for a Concert

Do a search ahead of time for any favorite bands playing nearby and get tickets for a concert. Remember to pack a picnic basket and blankets!

3. History of Father’s Day

According to some sources, Father’s Day was conceived by a grateful daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, who wanted to dedicate a whole day of thanksgiving to her father in 1909. Allegedly, she got this idea while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. After her mother died, she was raised alone by her father, Henry Jackson Smart. She thought a Father’s Day was a befitting way to thank her dad for his selfless sacrificing as a parent.

It became such a popular event across the country that in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the third Sunday of every June as Father’s Day.

4. What Will Be the Date of Father’s Day Over the Next Ten Years?

So, when exactly is Father’s Day? This changes every year, and this year it’s June the 17th. In most countries, it falls on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Here is a list to see exactly what day is Father’s Day in the US, from 2018 to 2028:

  • 2018 – June 17
  • 2019 – June 16
  • 2020 – June 21
  • 2021 – June 20
  • 2022 – June 19
  • 2023 – June 18
  • 2024 – June 16
  • 2025 – June 15
  • 2026 – June 21
  • 2027 – June 20
  • 2028 – June 18

5. Bedtime Reading

Reading to children before bedtime has been shown to have a positive impact not only on children’s language development, reading skills and cognitive functioning, but also on the bond between parent and child. Don’t neglect these important few minutes before bedtime by reading short stories to your children from English storybooks. If their eyes are not too heavy with fatigue, play a little game doing letter and word recognition, and do this consistently.

Reading English books and practicing English reading doesn’t have to be reserved only for bedtime. Go through all the resources made available by Red Cat Reading, and turn ten minutes a day into an English learning game with your kids. This small effort will soon reap large benefits.