Mother's Day

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Your Child

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Dear Proud Parents,

This Mother’s Day, we’re thankful for mothers from all over the world. We just want to say a huge thank you for all your hard work, dedication, patience and love!

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Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!



International Mother’s Day gets celebrated on different dates in different countries. In the US, Canada, and New Zealand, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and in the UK, the date has already passed.

If you are in need of ideas for the best Mother’s Day gifts, so the Mom in the house can be treated and surprised on this day, look no further. Below is a list of Mother’s Day ideas, and also a Mother’s Day parents’ guide for children’s activities.

Mother’s Day Activities

On this day, the idea is to say thanks to your own or your children’s mother for her love and caring, and also the hard work she has, or still puts into, being a mom. Being a mother is too often a thankless job with little reward, but it is one most moms won’t swap for anything in the world. So, make sure this is a happy Mother’s Day for that special woman by spoiling her with many special treats!

Make Mom Breakfast in Bed

This is usually a winner of an idea, as mothers are often the ones making breakfast for everyone. If you’re the dad, organize with the kids to help prepare a sumptuous meal, served to Mom on a beautifully prepared tray with flowers. Think of making this an even more special breakfast by having the kids write English ‘Thank you, Mom’ poems or little notes the day or so before. Or, they can each find a special English poem or quote from a book, and read these out loud to her. This way, the kids get to practice their English writing and/or reading skills too! Plan the breakfast in detail and well ahead of time, as it can turn into a special family event for everyone!

Alternatively, the whole family can go on a special picnic for breakfast.

Pamper Mom

Don’t let the treats stop with breakfast! Either let the kids give Mom a special message, or make an appointment with a professional massage therapist or beautician later the day. Or do both – she will feel so pampered! Also, while the professionals are at it, why not let her hair and make-up be done right after the massage or facial too? This way, she will be prepared to go out for a special meal in her honor. She will feel so appreciated!

Here are other ways to pamper her:

  • Let her sleep in, and when she wakes up, run her a wonderful bath with fragrant oils in the water, and candles in the bathroom. Practice a special song with the kids, and sing this as a surprise for her outside the bathroom door!
  • Some moms will feel spoiled the most by simply having a whole day alone for themselves. Allow her to take a break from everything and everyone for Mother’s Day. Dad, take care of the kids’ school transport, arrange for a housekeeper and/or a babysitter, and make it clear to her that she doesn’t have to do a thing apart from relaxing on Mother’s Day. However, remind her that the whole family loves her by enjoying a special dinner together. Go out to her favorite restaurant, or make dinner together at home.
  • Make an appointment for her to have a professional manicure and a pedicure done. Do this at a fabulous spa, or in the comfort of your home.

Take Mom on a Short Holiday or Getaway

Moms work hard every other day of the year, so be sure to give her a break from her duties on Mother’s Day. This year, Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, so let the whole family go on a single-day outing the day before, and sleep over somewhere in a family-friendly hotel out of the city. That way, she doesn’t have to prepare any meals, clean anywhere in the house or take care of anyone – it’s her turn to be taken care of! Do some planning ahead of time, and perhaps let her choose where she would like to spend the weekend.

Make your time together interesting by doing unusual things. Take everyone on a hot-air balloon ride, out to the countryside for horseback riding, or to the beach for a wonderful day in the sun. Or consider a boat or ferry ride. Nature is always a wonderful place to relax and be refreshed.

If Grandfather and Grandmother live close, why not invite them? This can turn into another very special family event, honoring mothers of both generations.

Organize a Surprise Moms Party

This one will blow her socks off if she enjoys surprises. Organize with her friends, or the husbands of her friends to throw a party where all the mothers get to do nothing but enjoy themselves! Organize activities for the kids, so they are taken care of, and make sure that the ladies don’t have to lift a finger the whole time.

Better even, why not let the kids help? They can put on a performance in honor of their moms (such as reciting poems, performing a dance, playing an instrument or singing songs specially prepared or practiced for Mother’s Day – in English!), and older children can act as waiters who take orders for drinks and meals. Afterwards, everyone but the moms must help to clean up!

Music for Mom

Is Mom fond of music? Be sure to arrange for a professional singer, musician or band to regale her at dinner in a restaurant, at the surprise party, or the hotel where the family stays over for the weekend! To make the event really wonderful, let the kids sing or play along and record the performance. That way, she will have a memento to forever remember the day by.

Mother’s Day Crafts and Gifts

Here are some wonderful ideas for unique Mother’s Day gifts the kids can make, or which the family can get her.

    • Make Mother’s Day Cards: Buy special craft materials at a craft shop to make a beautiful Happy Mother’s Day card for Mom. Also, make a round through the garden to collect things like colorful soil, dried leaves, seeds, dried flowers or flower petals, small pebbles etc to glue onto the card in patterns for something really creative. Let the kids also rummage through the kitchen cupboard for other unusual materials they can stick on the card, like rice, dry spaghetti, macaroni, red lentils or sunflower seeds. Or cut out bright stars from tinfoil.
    • Frame Pictures for Mom: Print the latest photos of the family, and guide the kids to make a beautiful collage with the photos and other artistic materials. Create the collage on paper where the kids can press paint-flowers with their thumbprints. Or, the thumbprints in paint can make a pretty border for the photo collage – be creative!
    • Make an Appreciation Bracelet or Necklace: At a craft shop, get suitable materials with which each kid can make Mom a special bracelet or necklace. Let them choose trinkets with a specific meaning, and let them explain this meaning to Mom on Mother’s Day. Something like: “This silver kitten reminds me of how you always save stray animals, and how you care for them. I love you so much for your kindness and a good heart.” She will cherish those gifts.
    • Paint Pictures of the Family: Let the kids paint on canvas or draw with colored pencils a beautiful family portrait. Work together to make only one, or let each kid (and Dad!) draw one. If these are truly works of art, have them framed before the time!
    • Buy Mom Her Favorite Something: In the days running up to Mother’s Day, find out about Mom’s favorite book, CD, DVD or other items, and make sure to get her this. Ask Mom’s best friend to ferret out Mom’s preferences! Just be sure it is something she really wants. That way, you show that the family is sensitive to what she likes and wants on Mother’s Day. She is, after all, usually sensitive to what you want every day of the year.
    • Get Her a Golden Necklace or Bracelet: Let the kids make theirs (They will be precious to her!), but also consider having a jeweler make her a special golden or sterling silver necklace or bracelet. To make it spectacular, let the jeweler use every family member’s birthstones in the design.


  • Make Mother’s Day Memes or Posters: Let the kids write a short poem or quote, or, if one of the kids’ favorite time with her is reading a book together, use a poem such as the one below to make memes or posters with. Choose a good online meme generator that allows for downloads. On Mother’s Day, be sure to post this on her social media feed. Also, give her a printed and blocked or laminated copy! That way, she will always be reminded that she is special to the family.

“I had a mother who read me the things
That wholesome life to the boy’s heart brings –
Stories that stir with an upward touch,
Oh that each mother of boys were such!

You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be –
I had a mother who read to me.”
Strickland Gillilan

Reading together with their mother is a favorite childhood memory for most children. It is also one of the best ways to acquire a new language, and Red Cat Reading encourages this practice every day! Also, make use of our free resources that the whole family can do together in order to learn how to read English perfectly.