Red Cat Reading World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day – July 7th!

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Chocolate is one of the most popular treats available! There are so many different varieties of chocolate, and so many different desserts made with chocolate. From chocolate bars to chocolate cake, chocolate doughnuts to chocolate covered fruit, there is definitely something out there that will appeal to every chocolate lover on your list on this special holiday!


About World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is sometimes referred to as International Chocolate Day, but no matter what you call the day, you are celebrating the same thing – a worldwide love of chocolate! The day can be celebrated in a variety of different ways, of course, but the most common way to celebrate World Chocolate Day is to choose a delightful chocolate treat and indulge!


Red Cat Reading World Chocolate Day

Learn About Chocolate

There are countless books, videos, and websites available that will teach you anything you want to know about chocolate. It could be a fun family activity to sit down and learn a little bit about your favorite chocolate products, and then talk about what you’ve learned. This is a great activity for children who are curious about where their food comes from. You will be able to give them a step-by-step breakdown of how chocolate is made.


Tour a Chocolate Factory

In many cities all over the world there are chocolate factories that are open to the public for tours. These factories will show you how the chocolate is made, how it is packaged, and sometimes you can even get a free sample of the chocolate that they make there. While this might seem a bit commercial, it can be a fun educational experience for the whole family. So pack up and take a field trip to find out more about your favorite chocolate treats!


Bake Something with Chocolate!

Whether you are a skilled baker in the kitchen or a novice who tends to stick to simpler recipes, a great way to celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7th is to find a chocolate dessert recipe and make it! Bake a cake with decadent chocolate frosting, or make your own chocolate candy by purchasing candy molds and melting down chocolate. Add some sprinkles and toppings to your chocolate candies and you will have a great confection!


Not only is this a great way to bond together while creating a treat, it’s also the perfect chance for you and your child to learn things – such as measurements, fractions, basic math skills, and even chemistry!


Red Cat Reading World Chocolate Day

Make Your Own Chocolates

Make your own chocolates or chocolate bars for friends and family, and personalize them by coming up with your own wrappers for the containers. Allow your child to personalize the wrapper with his or her name – for example: “From Hannah’s Bakery” can be written across the front, and have your child color the wrapper in to make it unique. Add some special toppings to your chocolates, too – from pretzels to chocolate chips or sprinkles – the sky’s the limit!


Have fun!

Spend World Chocolate Day, which falls on July 7th, trying out new chocolates, learning about chocolate, or even making your own. There is so much that you can do to make this an enjoyable day for everyone in your family – children and adults alike. Since chocolate is so loved around the world, you can try chocolates from different areas or parts of the world, tour chocolate factories, and even make some special treats to observe this fun holiday.

Don’t forget to also teach children about their dental health when eating chocolate! Red Cat Reading has a fantastic eBook all about teeth called Kids vs Cavities: How to Take Care of Your Teeth. Read it here.


by Kelly Gunderman