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National Children’s Book Week

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Reading is a vital aspect of every child’s life. Whether you are reading with your child or whether your child is old enough to read alone, reading is an important part of each and every day. It is never too early to start reading, and many studies have shown that even reading to a newborn is important. The older your child gets, the more interested in reading he or she may become.

National Children’s Book Week, which falls in the first week of May, is a perfect way to celebrate you and your child’s love of reading. With so many high quality children’s books to choose from, it’s a great time to check out new authors and titles, as well as pick up some old favorites and read them together again!

Events for National Children’s Book Week are held all over. Locations such as libraries, schools, and book stores celebrate National Children’s Book Week. This event can also be celebrated at home!

Red Cat Reading National Children's children's books Library readingFive Ways to Celebrate National Children’s Book Week

Discover New Books

Head to your local library or bookstore and grab a few new books that you and your child can read together. If your child is old enough that he or she would rather read alone, that’s fine, too. Your child can pick out a few books that might interest him or her. They can be fiction or non-fiction – the choice is up to you. Check out some interesting titles from Red Cat Reading, such as Kids Vs. Snow: Where Does the Snow Come From? by Peter Galante and Felipe Kolb. Books like this answer important questions and teach your child while providing charming illustrations and engaging stories.

Go to a Literary Event

If your bookstore is having an event to celebrate National Children’s Book Week, why not take your child? You’ll be able to interact with other parents, and often even pick up new books at reduced prices. Many booksellers will reduce their prices or hold large sales in children’s books during this week. This allows you to pick up new titles. Often they have events, such as puppet shows or craft tables set up to allow children to create things based on popular books.

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Get Your Child an E-Reader

If you currently do not have an e-reader for your child, now might be a great time to choose one. Since many online retailers who offer e-books have discounts on favorite children’s books at this time, you can create a collection of e-books at a low price. Many of your child’s favorite books are available as e-books, and there are other services, such as subscription services, that allow you to read a whole variety. Try out a service like, which not only offers a great many e-books, but also videos and resources to help your child learn.

Red Cat Reading National Children's children's books reading e-reader tablet ipad girl learnOrganize a Book Drive

If your child has a lot of books from when they were younger that they no longer read, donate them. Set up a book drive in your neighborhood especially for children’s titles, and then donate the books to families in need. This gives you the perfect opportunity to give back and to share the love of reading. It also teaches your child the importance of helping those in need.

Encourage Your Child to Write a Book

If your child likes to draw and write stories, encourage him or her to create a book of their very own. If your child is very young, you can do the writing, and together you can make up a silly story. You can even have the story turned into a physical book –printed so that you can cherish it forever.

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