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Phonics Level 1: S Sound

In this lesson, kids learn all about the letter s and its sound.

The quick and fun video will get your child acquainted with the letter and a few simple words! Just watch, listen and repeat along. That’s it!

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Leveled Reading Level 1+: The Zoo

In this lesson, kids learn all about the different kinds of animals you can see at the zoo.

Kids will learn reinforce vocabulary with our read along sentences and bright, fun images.

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Storybooks Level 5: Kids vs Halloween

In this lesson, kids learn all about different kinds of monsters, what makes them scary, and how you can scare them back!

Download the read aloud book for the full story!

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How it Works:

Make Fast and Easy Progress with Guided Reading Levels

Your kids will read books at exactly the right level with our color-coded guided reading system. Track their progress with our quizzes, and help them level-up! Our guided reading books are perfect for kids aged 3-8.

Learn About the World Through Reading

Our fun books are for curious kids. Your kids will learn about Science and Maths, as well as English, Geography, Arts and more. While improving reading comprehension, kids will learn so much about the world!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere, with Digital Devices

No more lugging heavy schoolbooks around, or only reading at the library. Kids will improve their reading skills with our interactive online reading program – read on any digital device, in any location!

Why Subscribe to Red Cat Reading?

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    For Busy Parents

    We’ve created Red Cat Reading with busy parents in mind! Your kids will learn to read all by themselves with our downloadable digital lessons, quizzes, badges and more!

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    We're Online Education Experts

    Our founder, Peter Galante, has decades of education experience. He’s the owner of many successful websites in the online language-learning field. He brings all his knowledge and experience to Red Cat Reading, to help children learn to read the fun and fast way.

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    Written By Experts

    Our guided reading levels have been created by the very experienced education authors, Kira Freed and Katherine Follett. Kids are only introduced to new words when they’re ready for them, so they’ll always feel confident when reading.

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    3 Reading Series

    We have three reading series inside Red Cat Reading: our Phonics Program, Leveled Reading and Storybooks, so your child will always have plenty of reading material. We have online classes for preschool and kindergarten, through to 2nd grade.

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    The Most Phonic Sounds

    With 50+ phonics sounds, no other learning phonics program teaches as many letter combinations as we do! That means your child will learn all the English letter sounds they’ll ever need in life.

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    Read Aloud Books & Videos

    Our interactive read-aloud books and read-along videos help children to sound out words when they’re reading by themselves.

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    Progress Tracking & Rewards

    See where your kids are up to with our easy-to-use progress tracking tool. They’ll also receive fun badges and certificates for completing tasks!

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    Reading Assessment

    Assess your child’s reading level quickly with our one-page Reading Level Assessment.

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    Read Anytime, Anywhere

    Our educational, exciting books work both online and offline, on any digital device.

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    Huge Value

    For only a tiny monthly price (less than Netflix) you will receive access to our digital read-aloud books, read along videos, worksheets, teaching tips and so much more! The value of our reading program is huge, but the price stays small.

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    100,000's of readers

    Over 1 million books downloaded! We’re proud to have taught 100,000’s of children to read with our free leveled reading books.

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Common Questions from Parents:

How can I help my child read better?

Red Cat Reading is one of the best educational reading websites out there. We offer a lot of quality childrens reading content and reading tips for free! Plus if you want extra help, progress tracking, fun badges & certificates and quizzes, you can sign up to our Basic Plan! Kids will improve their comprehension skills in no time.

With our Premium Plan you’ll also receive daily reading assessments for your child, so they’ll make amazing progress even faster!

Why is early reading for kids so tricky?

Parents and kids don’t have much time in this busy, modern world. Kindergarten reading is one of those subjects that can be left behind when people think “I don’t need to teach my child to read, it will just come naturally right?!” But if you think back to how you learnt as a beginning reader, the same principles still apply! Kids need to go from learning alphabet letters and phonics, to leveled reading books which guide them through reading one step at a time. They’ll slowly gain confidence and start reading more fluently.

I don’t want to spend any money. How can I help my child learn to read free?

With our Free Account, you can trial our easy-to-use reading system free for 2 weeks. Afterwards, it only costs $1.95/month to upgrade to our Basic Plan for full access!

You can also see all our books, videos and worksheets for free on our Download Center.

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“Reading is the #1 key to your child’s success. Once your child is reading faster, they’ll be learning just about everything faster!”Peter Galante, Founder

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