Red Cat Reading reading rewards for good work

Want to reward your child for reading? Here are some ideas…

The Roadmap to Reading Success:

If you’ve started with our Reading Level Assessment, you may have noticed our useful ‘Teaching Your Child to Read’ infographic. This graphic guides you along the process of helping your child learn to read, and gives suggestions and handy tips along the way. You can get started at in minutes! Below we’ll show you through some fun reading rewards!

Red Cat Reading Teaching Your Child to Read: The Roadmap to Success

Reward Ideas:

Once you and your child have gotten started with the learn-to-read process on, you may want to reward their good efforts. At we already reward your child with exclusive badges and certificates when they complete tasks like quizzes, and finishing levels. They’ll love our colorful badges, and you can even print out the certificates and put them on your fridge!

Red Cat Reading reading rewards badges quiz challenge certificates

It’s always a good idea to reward children for their achievements. This will boost their confidence and keep their motivation levels high. Here are some useful ideas for reading rewards:

  • Create a sticker chart to put on your fridge. Every time your child completes a lesson or a quiz, add a gold star! Once they’ve reached a certain amount of gold stars, you can treat them to something big.
  • If your child is an avid reader, why not reward them with more books!
  • If your child enjoys reading but loves watching videos more, reward them with an educational movie.
  • Does your child love singing along to songs? Then you may want to reward them with an educational song collection that they can listen to again and again.
  • Do your child’s eyes get too droopy when they’re trying to read at bedtime? Then they’ll love listening to audiobooks! We recommend our super fun collection of 15 Bedtime Stories on Audible.
  • If your child enjoys cooking or baking with you, try to plan a weekend of healthy cooking activities. They could even make up their own recipes!
  • Does your child love animals? Then why not take them to an educational wildlife reserve or other animal park.
  • Does your child love exercise? Suggest a biking or hiking trip, somewhere they’ve never been before.
  • Does your child love mystery and games? Then design a treasure hunt for the afternoon! You can add little prizes like small books and candy that your child needs to hunt down.
  • Does your child love being creative? Our favorite reward is to plan a craft day with various activities. Let your child’s imagination go wild… Maybe they can even tell a story with their creations!


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So what do you think? Which reading rewards will you be trying with your child this month? Let us know in the comments!