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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids: Crafts, Worksheet & More

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Are you busy getting ready for Thanksgiving? It’s the perfect time to get together with family and have some fun with your children! Get prepared for Thanksgiving with our 3 free gifts!

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year when we reflect on all of the blessings we have been given over the past year. Taking time to make Thanksgiving decorations and plan special Thanksgiving activities for kids is a great way to teach children. You can teach them about the history of Thanksgiving and also show the value and feeling of being thankful. In this post, you will find lots of Thanksgiving activities for kids. You’ll also find fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids such as Thanksgiving cards. The goal is to equip you with the tools necessary to provide a memorable Thanksgiving for children.


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Easy Thanksgiving Activities & Crafts for Kids

  1. Potato Turkeys

Potato Turkeys are one of many easy Thanksgiving activities that your child will enjoy this holiday season. Simply gather a potato, some construction paper in various fall colors, scissors, tape or glue and toothpicks. Cut feathers and a head out of construction paper and glue or tape them to the toothpick. Then, stick the feathers in the potato in the shape of a half moon on one end of the turkey and stick the head in the opposite end. Turkey crafts could be the highlight of your Thanksgiving celebrations!

  1. Thankful Tablecloth

The Thankful Tablecloth is a great craft idea for Thanksgiving and it can be enjoyed by everyone at the table. All you need is a large piece of butcher paper. You can use a white linen tablecloth if you would like it to become a more permanent part of your Thanksgiving celebration. You’ll also need markers to write with. Permanent fabric markers are best if you are writing on the linen tablecloth. Before your meal begins, take a moment to explain what it is to be thankful for something. Then, pass the marker around and have your families members each write something they are thankful for at the spot where they are seated. Ask them to sign their name and the date as well. Year after year, you can add to this memorable Thanksgiving decoration and reflect on all of the blessings you received in years past.

  1. Paper Bag Teepees

Paper Bag Teepees are a great craft idea for Thanksgiving. They also make a fantastic addition to your permanent collection of Thanksgiving decorations. These adorable teepees can be a perfect lead into a discussion about Thanksgiving history for kids. You need small brown paper bags, some fine tipped markers, scissors, and a small roll of jute twine. For examples of symbols and more instructions on how to “build” your teepees, click here.

  1. Thanksgiving Cards

While Thanksgiving isn’t the most common holiday for sending cards, Thanksgiving cards can be a really nice way to send good thoughts to a grandparent or someone who isn’t able to make it to your Thanksgiving meal. With some paint, cardstock, and a couple of markers, you can make some beautiful Thanksgiving cards that anyone would love to receive. Click here for more details on how to make these sweet turkey cards with your children.



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Learn why turkeys can’t fly – just in time for the Thanksgiving season! Get your child acquainted with the Thanksgiving holiday while listening to a fun story together.

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Thanksgiving Songs

While you are making your Thanksgiving cards and decorations, how about teaching your child a few cute Thanksgiving songs? Check out the links below for some short and easy Thanksgiving songs that everyone will enjoy.

  1. Mr. Turkey
  2. Johnny Appleseed
  3. I’m A Little Pilgrim

Thanksgiving History for Kids

Thanksgiving history can be difficult to explain to kids because there are few pictures or ways to show exactly how pilgrims came to our country and lived so long ago. The History Channel put together a great child-focused short video describing the first Thanksgiving. Click here to watch.

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What are your favorite Thanksgiving activities? We hope you have a wonderful holiday!