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Happy Halloween!

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Are you busy getting ready for the Halloween season? It’s the perfect event to have some fun with your children! Get prepared for Halloween with our 4 free gifts!

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Gift 4. How to Draw a Vampire – Video

For kids, Halloween is not only a great opportunity to dress up in a costume of their favorite character or monster, but also to stock up on candy. The main Halloween activity for kids is to go out, knock on neighbors or strangers door and collect sweets while masked… Trick-or-treat!?

Gift #1: Kids Vs Life – Halloween Video


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A problem for parents is freaking out at the idea of what could happen to their children, out in the streets with no supervision. Here are some tips to ensure a fun time for everybody:

  • Plan your kid’s route: Talk with your child about the area and houses to visit. Stick to familiar neighbors to avoid any risk.
  • Remind kids about pedestrian rules: Walk on the sidewalks, use crosswalks, look right, left and right again before crossing.
  • Make your children visible: Reflective tape on their costumes could work well. It’s better to be cautious especially if they are trick-or-treating at night.
  • Use a child-tracking device: Investing in such a device could be a solution to ensure your children are safe at all times.
  • Supervise your kids: Go along with them but let your kids take the lead. This will grow their skills while you’re also keeping an eye on them.

Halloween is usually a day where our kids might be frightened by a few stories of crazy and scary monsters. They will not be more afraid of the monsters under the bed than on this night. How about teaching them how to scare monsters instead? Get your kids into the Halloween spirit with this FREE iBook, through monsters’ pictures and an entertaining story!

Gift #2: “Kids Vs Halloween – How to Scare Monsters” Book!


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You will need to help your children get ready for some of the monsters they’ll run into this holiday season.

This short 28-page book will tell your kids about the most popular ghosts and ghouls they will see while they’re out trick-or-treating!

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The main idea associated with Halloween is eating candy. Any Halloween party or Halloween game wouldn’t be complete without sweets! Most parents want their kid to enjoy the holiday, but it can be frustrating to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet all year long, just to throw away everything during Halloween! Some precautions can be taken to avoid excess:

  • Feed them before going out: It’s a solution to avoid them snacking and consuming candy on the road.
  • Remind them to not eat it all at once: You can tell them they will have no candy left for later. Decide how many pieces they can eat.
  • Share candy with friends: Encouraging sharing with other kids will grow social skills and reduce the amount of sweets brought back home.
  • Buy candy from your kid: Consider buying the sweets back, or any kind of exchange. By doing this, you will acknowledge that they are your child’s property. You can give them another appropriate treat instead.

Gift #3: Kids Vs Halloween Printable!


Keep your kids occupied for hours with our super fun and scary Halloween colouring sheet!

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Gift #4: ‘How to Draw a Vampire – Video


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