New Releases in May 2020

Red Cat Reading Team Blog

Each month, we here at Red Cat Reading bring you the best new resources for learning to read for FREE! Learning to read can get stale when you’re reading and watching the same educational videos and lessons over and over. Red Cat Reading brings new phonics videos, reading and writing lessons, and educational songs every week! 

This month, we’ve shared more than 13 brand new videos that have all been designed to help children learn to read in the fastest and simplest way possible. From Phonics Time with Masa and Junya, to Magicio and Friends, learning phonics has never been more exciting! There’s always something fun and new to try. 


1. Magicio and Phonics

Children can enjoy singing, dancing, and learning phonics with Magicio the clown in his A-Z Fun Phonics series! Learn how to read each letter of the alphabet one-by-one with Magicio. Learning to read is easy with Magicio, because he sings a fun song for each letter and even makes a special balloon animal or toy.


Newest Videos

Magicio finished the last 3 letters of the alphabet this month with his X, Y, and Z videos. 

In Magicio’s X  video, you can meet an orange and furry friend and sing along to a great song with Magicio.

In Magicio’s Y video, watch and learn to use a fun toy that starts with the letter “y”.

In Magicio’s Z video, Magicio introduces us to a black and white animal that starts with the letter “z”.

To finish up the Magicio and Phonics series, we’ve put together a special collection of all of Magicio’s phonics videos, from A to Z! Children can watch this video as a great way to review the letters they’ve learned with our friend, Magicio.

Extra Practice with Red Cat Reading

For even more phonics and reading practice, be sure to check out Red Cat Reading’s phonics songs and lessons! Learn X, Y, and Z one-by-one, or challenge all phonics from start to finish. With Red Cat Reading’s lessons, you’ll have access to free songs, books, video lessons, worksheets, and more.

2. Magicio and Friends

Magicio also brings his friends along to sing classic nursery rhymes with an educational twist in his songs with Magicio and Friends. Children can learn classic songs like, Skidamarink, The ABC Song, Old MacDonald, and more! Magicio and Friends also teach things like months of the year, manners, how to introduce yourself, and counting. These songs and videos are so much fun, kids forget that they’re learning and have a blast!

Newest Videos

This month, we loved learning the Vowels of the Alphabet with Magicio and his friends. Magicio taught us how to read each vowel, “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “u”, with a catchy song, dance, and balloons!

Let’s not forget that we also had lots of fun clapping our hands, stomping our feet, blowing a kiss, and shouting “hooray!” with the If You’re Happy and You Know It song. This video gives children the chance to sing along and try fun actions and gestures. It’s the perfect song for when you want to get your body moving! 

Extra Practice with Red Cat Reading

Don’t miss our Short Vowels animation where you can get even more vowel practice with our free lesson! There’s even an animated vowel song collection to help children sing vowels out loud! 


3. Phonics Time with Masa and Junya

Another Red Cat Reading all-star is our series Phonics Time with Masa and Junya. Masa is a skilled teacher with years of experience helping young children learn to read for the first time. Junya is his young son who is very eager to learn phonics, reading, and writing with his dad. Together, they learn one letter at a time, and to make learning phonics even easier, they’ve put the letters into groups by difficulty. By grouping letters this way, you can be sure you’re learning the right phonics in the right order, without feeling overwhelmed. So sit down with Masa and Junya to learn how to pronounce each letter’s phonetic sound, read, and write!

Newest Videos

This month, Masa and Junya helped us to review M, R, U, and H in their Group 3: Part 2 Review video. Masa practices identifying letters and reading words with Junya that he introduced in his Group 3 videos. 

After wrapping up Group 3, Masa and Junya moved on to Group 4 this month. They covered the letters J, L, G, K, and F with repetition, games, and fun challenges. 

To watch the complete series and get caught up with Masa and Junya, check out this playlist filled with Phonics Time with Masa and Junya videos. 

Extra Practice with Red Cat Reading

For even more practice and fun, have a look at our other phonics lessons by Red Cat Reading! There are free books, songs, and worksheets available to help provide extra practice and support. Check out these videos, books, and quizzes for J, L, G, K, and F.

It’s so important to keep learning to read fun and interesting for children. At Red Cat Reading, we’re here to provide support to parents, teachers, and families to achieve this goal by providing free and new learning tools. We’re here to help!