Red Cat Reading Your Child Should Learn More at Home

Why it’s So Important for Your Child to Learn More at Home

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Today, online learning is considered vital to many professions and it has increased exponentially over the past few years. It’s a good idea to help children get used to learning online to help their school studies as well as their future careers. They’ll also learn some extra skills:

  • Independent problem-solving skills
  • Research skills
  • Time-management skills


Children who learn from home (alongside learning in traditional classrooms) actually gain a number of positive skills!

Red Cat Reading Help Your Child Learn at Home

3 Benefits of Children Learning From Home

#1.  Children Learning From Home Perform As Well As Those in Traditional Schools

Researchers found that home-schooled children performed as well as students in traditional classrooms on standardized tests. 

#2.  Children Learning from Home Are Confident

Students learning at home make the extra effort to gain skills in communication, problem-solving, and personal responsibility. Ultimately, these additional skills increase self-confidence and tend to produce mature and successful adults.

#3:  Home Study Helps Make Students Self-Reliant

For children learning by themselves, they must pass the same standardized tests as students in traditional schools. They don’t have all the help and support of an entire school system so they learn to be self-reliant, and to use the resources that they do have (like their parents and other family members).

Red Cat Reading Help Your Child Learn at Home

How Can Red Cat Reading Help?

I created Red Cat Reading because I wanted to give every child the opportunity to learn to read regardless of income, location, or transportation. All children receive a free assessment by one of our professional teachers using audio. Once your child’s reading level is assessed, we will determine the appropriate leveled reading books they should be reading. Your child’s progress is then monitored by our teachers using video and audio.  

Red Cat Reading provides much more than just leveled books and custom assessments from a professional teacher. To help your child learn from home faster, they can practice reading and listening to our fun and educational videos, songs, interactive e-books and worksheets.

Combined, these learning tools help your child learn to read from the comfort and safety of your home in just 3 months or less. Beginning with phonics and moving on to the leveled books and reinforcing materials next, your child will make enormous progress reading just 1 book a day.

Why Your Kids Should be Learning from Home…

Learning more from home has a number of benefits. Online learning platforms like Red Cat Reading help level the playing field by making learning from home both affordable and practical. With the convenience of online learning and with the one-on-one help and guidance of traditional classroom instruction, Red Cat Reading has the experience and tools necessary to help your child learn to read in the next 90 days.  

~ Peter


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