Red Cat Reading – The Complete Collection


With our exclusive Complete Collection, you'll receive a huge amount of content: Over 230 books, videos, songs and worksheets! Your child will be reading better and faster in no time with our popular Phonics, Storybooks and Leveled Reading series:

  • Phonics Program:
    • 51 read aloud books
    • 42 fun videos and songs
    • 10 practice workbooks
  • Storybooks:
    • 12 entertaining books
    • 5 read along videos and songs
    • 11 fun coloring books
  • Leveled Reading:
    • 80 expert-written books
    • 14 educational videos and songs
    • 6 fun workbooks

Download size: 2.13 gb

If you want your child to get a head start with life and gain confidence with reading, download our Complete Collection Now!