Red Cat Reading – Learn to Read in 30 Days Home Course

$199.99 $99.00

This is a 30-day course that’s guaranteed to improve your child’s reading ability with…

  • A Reading Assessment Check
  • A Custom Learning Plan Designed by a Teacher
  • 1-on-1 Feedback from an Experienced Teacher
  • And with 100s of our Graded-Reading Books

Here’s how “Learn to Read in 30 Days” works:

Step 1. How well can your child read?
We’ll assess your child’s reading ability.

Step 2. Level Placement.
Based on the assessment, our teacher will place your child at an appropriate level.

Step 3. Custom Course.
Your child gets a specific reading plan with Red Cat Reading Books from their teacher.

Step 4. Daily Assignment and Correspondence.
Just record your child reading the books and submit the recordings to us.
Then, our teachers will provide feedback on the progress and assign the next books and assignments.

Step 5. Complete course in 30 days.
At the end, you get a complete report on your child’s progress and certificate upon completion of course.

This is a brand new course and is now priced at only $99.