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The Phonics Collection – $0

With over 50 phonics books, our complete Phonics Program teaches more sounds than any other program!

So what does this mean?
Your kids will learn to read better and faster, and they’ll get ahead in class.
The earlier kids learn to read, the more they’ll learn over their entire lives. Doesn’t that sound great?

You’ll receive:
51 books
42 videos and songs
10 workbooks

If you want your child to get a head start with life, download our complete Phonics Compilation now!

Download Phonics Collection – $0

Download size: 673 mb

The Storybook Collection – $0

Our original series, Kids vs Life, has captured childrens’ imaginations worldwide since 2014.
Our expert illustrators and writers bring the pages alive with hilarious stories and bold characters that kids will enjoy for years to come.
The concept for these stories for kids is ‘modern day fairytales’
– answering kids tricky ‘why’ questions about life in a fun and humorous way that both kids and parents will enjoy.

Most kids beg their parents to read our Kids vs Life stories every single night!

You’ll receive:
12 books
5 videos and songs
11 coloring books

Don’t miss out on this fun learning experience for your kids. Download our Storybook Collection now!

Download Storybook Collection – FREE!

Download size: 497 mb

The Leveled Reading Collection – $0

Kids will learn all about the world with our series of 70 books.

Topics include: the environment, health, school, emotions, crafts, science, math and so much more!

Written by expert author, Kira Freed, these leveled readers will guide kids through reading, one step at a time.
Kids will gain confidence and can move up to the next level when they’re ready.

You’ll receive:
80 books
14 videos and songs
6 workbooks

If you want your child to gain confidence with reading, download our complete Leveled Reading Collection now!

Download Leveled Reading Collection – $0

Download size: 961 mb

The Complete Package: All 3 Reading Collections – $0

If you want your child to get a head start with life, download our Complete Package now!
We have so many fun stories for kids + so much more.
You’ll receive 231 books, videos, songs and worksheets!

You’ll receive:
143 books
61 videos and songs
27 workbooks

Download the Complete Package – $0

Download size: 2.13 gb